Stella McCartney to release L.I.L.Y in the New Year.

by Katie on December 19, 2011

The first thing that impressed me about this fragrance is the name. L.I.L.Y meaning ‘Linda I love You’ is a beautiful testament to Stella’s late mother (and just when Sir Paul wed for the 3rd time to Nancy Shevell, some may purse their lips at the timing).

It’s release will come in February 2012 and is so filled with the beauty and hopefulness of Spring with its overdose of lily of the valley and with a sunshine dappled spotlight on the wet moss of a forest floor. It is intrinsically uplifting – the delicate warmth of early Spring sunlight through trees, bubbling brooks, damp underfoot and with an overarching femininity which is neither sickly sweet nor overbearing.
The fragrance seems to flow on application and grow, like water drops on moss and truffles within damp soil, to a deeper sexier hue.  

The bottle is achingly modern but feminine and inspired by English cut-crystal vases encased in a double silver metallic frame.  The cut faceted glass give a grey-pink luminosity and tempts to the fragrance held within.

Perfumer Jacques Cavalier who worked on this fragrance with Stella says of it, “Stella wanted a fragrance that redefined the extremely natural and fresh image of lily of the valley. To create more depth, we infused it with notes of the truffle form the Perigord region of France, adding a diffuse, caressing texture.”

I’m glad that this fragrance will offer a point of difference in the masstige area of the market. As with everything she touches Ms McCartney manages to gild the lily but not overdo it letting it’s natural beauty and attractiveness shine through. 

L.I.L.Y Eau de Parfum exists in three sizes as 30ml (£44), 50ml (£60) and 75ml (£76) and also as a 200ml body cream (£26) and 200ml shower gel (£26). L.I.L.Y launches exclusively at Selfridges on 26th January and is available nationwide from 5th February 2012.
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