West London Spa, BeautyWorksWest launches new Beauty & Wellness range

by Katie on December 20, 2011

I’m sorry to say but my soujourns aren’t quite what they used to be to my old stomping ground, Notting Hill, so BeautyWorksWest well and truly wasn’t on my beauty radar apart from the occasional nod as I passed it en route to Screenface. So, at the risk of trawling out ‘best kept secrets’ whimsy, I shall cut to chase and report on their new range of elegantly packaged products that wouldn’t look out of place on a shelf in SpaceNK. Known for stocking lesser known coveted niche brands like Egyptian Magic, La Bella Donna and Omorovicza, spa founder, Susie Rogers and the unusually named Dr Sister (who offers treatments at the spa blending both beauty and science) have taken the courageous step to up the ante by offering a branded range of efficacious products to match their in-spa treatments and further their brand name and reputation. 

Conceived and developed by Dr Daniel Sister MD, with a focus on natural botanicals and bioactive ingredients, the new beauty and wellness range offers a luxurious anti-ageing body treatment, cleanse organic facial cloths, anti-ageing body cream, body and hair oil and sugar cane scrub as well as luxury candles as well as Youth Food Supplements (they had me until the latter) . 
So far I’ve tried a couple of the products and can conclude that the anti-ageing body cream (£41) is richly textured, blends well into the skin leaving a glossy not oily finish as well as  smelling bergamot fresh. As I haven’t dropped a few years since using this, I’ll resist the temptation to be cynical and say that no doubt, used long term, the product will hydrate the skin and retain it’s youthful joie de vivre.
This year, I’ve become a regular user of indulgent hair & body oils such as Payot’s super addictive Elixir (£31) and Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil (£27.50) which both nourish, repair and soften face, body and hair as well as smelling heavenly. I can now add to this growing stable, the BeautyWorksWest Body & Hair Oil (£47) that includes the highly restorative Argan oil in its ingredients as well as rich emollients and active botanicals such as Gingko, Biloba, Arnica and pomegranate extracts. There’s something addictive and moreish about hair & body oils that become the full stop to your bathing routine. These babies leave you feeling glistening, fresh and moisturised and are worth the investment.
If you’re in the area, it’s worth dropping into the salon to check out their range of treatments as I certainly shall be doing. You may walk away with a little touch of West London in the form of one of the BeautyWorksWest new products. The range is free from Aluminum, alcohol, artificial fragrances, synthetic colours and parabens and are all dermatologically tested.  Prices start from £7.95 for Cleanse cloths and go up to £88 for the candles.
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