Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on January 15, 2012

A light hearted look back over the past week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s”.


Givenchy Pre-Fall – Riccardo Tisci comes over all equestrian and a million women headed by Katie scream “I NEED THOSE BOOTS NOW!” Sorry ladies, back of the queue.
Moschino Cheap & Chic and Belstaff – Both added to the London Fashion Week schedule. We’re calling it “The Stella Effect”.
V magazine’s Kiss editorial – A simple idea beautifully executed. We wouldn’t recommend this look for popping down your local supermarket though.

Paul Smith’s London 2012 stamps for the Isle of Man – Single-handedly making philately sexy.

Anna Wintour – Honoured for her support of gay marriage by America’s Human Rights Campaign and backing President Obama’s campaign for a second term through her star-studded Runway to Win initiative.

‘Borgen’ (BBC4) – Following the success of ‘The Killing’ 1 & 2, pacey political thriller ‘Borgen’ means that cool Danish drama is now officially a trend. WHO KNEW? There goes our Saturday nights (again).
Azealia Banks – What’s not to love about the sweary, in-your-face female rapper due to blow up in 2012? Slightly worried about the Nicola Formichetti reports though.
The Carven fragrance – Guillaume Henry’s next step to world domination – the scent free fragrance. Watch this space.

Estee Lauder’s new Daywear  BB Creme SPF35 – Ladies, I have tried this and this one of those great new wonder products – not only does it protect, perfect and moisturise all at once, this creme provides good coverage as it also acts as a foundation – to be worn alone or under your existing foundation. This oil free yet rich creme provides enrichment while being light to wear minimising flaws and maximising radiance all provided by its balanced hydrators and barrier boosing lipids. This is your one stop pre-work make-up and moisturising fix when rushing in the morning. Comes in two tints. Available from all Estee Lauder counters from February 2012 priced £32.

The Design Museum’s Design of the Year awards – Yes, Sarah Burton, that dress, blah blah blah but we also spy the brilliant Mary Katrantzou on the shortlist who, in our view, would be a much more deserving winner.

Guerlain’s Noir G Mascara – Available at Harrods from 16th Jan and nationwide from February, the world’s most stylish make-up house introduces a new concept – a premium refillable mascara with an integrated mirror. They’ve done it with lipsticks so why not make your mascara as covetable? So simple, why did no one think of it before? (Priced at £35)

Tiffany & Co’s True Love In Pictures campaign – Holly Golightly’s Happy Place. Tiffany & Co the world’s premier jeweller, team up with The Sartorialist (aka Scott Schuman) and girlfriend Garance Dore to curate an interactive photo blog of romantic Valentine images. Upload your own pictures to the website via Instagram, or special booths set up in Tiffany’s London, New York, and Tokyo stores from January 23rd.
‘Take Me Out’ (ITV) – We hate to say we told you so, BUT…..
Jay-Z – For using his baby daughter as a marketing tool, and for rhyming “miscarriage” with “carry-on baggage”. We wouldn’t be shocked if ‘Blue Ivy’ has been trademarked.
Magazine Blog Awards – Yes, of course we’ll host your brand click through button, drive traffic to your website and provide unpaid content if we win *rolls eyes*. Seriously though, bloggers aren’t that stupid, we’re brands and businesses (in some cases) in our own right. They’ll need to dangle a much bigger carrot if they want the blog community to engage with their dying medium. In the words of a fav ’80s tune, “If you don’t respect yourself Ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot.”

Temporary breast tattoos – Just because they wash off doesn’t make them right, and we’ve never trusted a woman who needs to constantly draw attention to her puppies. Still, at least it’s not ‘Don’t be Bitter. Glitter’.

Madonna – Looking suspiciously pre-‘Into The Groove’ at the ‘W.E.’ premiere. Colour us jealous but we’d love to hear the secret of rewinding the last 30 years the way Her Madgesty has.
Vogue Italia’s QVC editorial – There we were, thinking that the juxtaposition of high fashion and low culture had been played out, but oh no, Steven Meisel had other ideas.
Kim Kardashian – Nope, we can’t work out why she’s still here either, but recent reports suggest that accidental porn star and all-round mediocrity Kim only donates 10% of the proceeds from items auctioned for charity. Grifting magazines and television networks with your fake wedding is one thing; skimming money off the back of charities is a fresh low. Nothing surprises us.
‘Get the Margaret Thatcher look!” – It would be unfair to call out Peacocks for their astoundingly stupid press release this week as ‘Iron Lady’ fever has gripped our nation’s fashion journalists, who are obviously so excited about the oncoming fashion week onslaught that they’ve popped a synapse, the poor dears. Thatcherism, we remember the devastation you caused in Britain.

The Green Carpet Challenge – Her it comes! Livia Firth’s annual cavalcade of hypocrisy and worthiness, in which high-end brands such as Gucci and Tom Ford conveniently forget about all the Mongolian lamb, ostrich, and snake used in collections over the past year and make a token effort to attempt “ethical” fashion. Honestly guys, we love your brands but this is celebrity tokenism and just plain laughable. (Meanwhile back at the ranch, Ms Firth’s Eco Age Chiswick store closed for business late last year and transferred to online only).

Nike – Following a year of negotiations, Nike have agreed to pay $1m in unpaid overtime to employees of an Indonesian supplier, setting a landmark precedent for other multination companies taking advantage of overseas workforces. Up the workers!
Fur – Yes, we think the Oscar de la Renta headphones are silly, but the pre-fall collections contain more fur than Cruella De Ville’s closet. Whilst this may stoke the faux versus fur debate all over again, all we can manage is a ‘here it comes again’ yawn.

Barometer compiled by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) and Katie Chutzpah. Let us know your thoughts on this week’s likes/dislikes.

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Jerry the HuMan January 26, 2012 at 10:14 am

Lol at your Jay-z quote – good stuff


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