Jo Malone launches Limited Edition London Blooms Collection

by Katie on January 9, 2012

It was a brisk freezing cold day in December with the scent of Christmas around the corner when Jo Malone chose to show the breezy Spring trio of new limited edition London Blooms in a renowned central Mayfair gallery, filled not only with light but also with the breathtaking, vivid, colourful, Spring blooms of an English cottage garden.

London Blooms is influenced by the seemingly haphazard yet distinctly planned nature of the British garden with its array of juxtaposing colours and themes. The trio includes Peony & Moss, White lilac & Rhubarb and Iris & Lady Moore and builds upon Jo Malone’s reputation for fragrance layering and building unusual combinations to create a more unique personal scent.  By combining (in each fragrance) such wildly differing scents, textures, colours and floral character, perfumer Christine Nagel makes a valiant attempt at capturing the unruly and surprising yet fresh nature of an English garden in full bloom in mid Spring.

With my favourite of the group, Iris & Lady Moore, Nagel’s starting point was to make the iris as soft as cashmere and to give the fragrance “the lightness and poetry of the wind in the grass”Ahh, but what wins in this scent from the start is the fresh uplifting yell of iris with green tinges of sharpness combined with the soft powdery warm roundness which builds on the complexity and encapsulates the juxtapositions. Big tick of approval.

Iris & Lady Moore takes you instantly to April with it sharp yet gentle light, longer daylight hours and the optimism of the coming Summer. Feminine in the nth degree, Iris & Lady Moore still makes her presence felt with her bold zingy personality that’s equally at home in the Cotswolds as in Kensington. This is Englishness personified but a modern, mature, prettily sophisticated and dare I say, subtly sexy version, like the Kate Middleton of London Blooms.

Central to the London Blooms launch is the botanical drawings redolent of old style Royal Horticultural Society etchings, that reek of Englishness and have more than a whiff of the Bloomsbury set with their blend of refined artistry, colour and realism. Chosen artist, Heather Manders was a biologist before she became an artist and manages to encapsulate the intricacy of a living bloom as sentient flora breathing life and billowing scent. (NB. Such was the attention to detail at the London Blooms launch event that waiters wore shirts and socks with Heather Manders illustrations).

Yet again, Jo Malone manages to plough its own fragrance furrow and further its British brand identity in a market that, like Covent Garden Flower Market itself, is bulging at the seams. It only goes to show, a little bit of difference and some inspirational creativity goes a long way.

Jo Malone’s London Blooms collection is available from March 2012 priced at £72 for each 100ml cologne.

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Pinkstarr January 15, 2012 at 12:27 am

I got this already I must say one of the best scents on earth. Iris Lady Moore, My favorite!


Anonymous February 17, 2012 at 11:44 am

Hi Pinkstarr, I thought the whole collect won’t be out for sale till March 2012?


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