Roland Mouret launches online exclusive dresses

by Katie on January 20, 2012

Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m sent information on collections or pieces that I REALLY HAVE TO OWN. This is one of them. The master of the smooth line, sculptured dress, Roland Mouret, announces an exclusive three-piece preview of the Roland Mouret S/S’12 collection in a limited edition colourway available only at
The three limited edition signature draped dresses Mawmsey (£1150), Carstone (£1250) and Lennoxcome (£1490) in black jersey featuring white leather appliqué flowers are the most stunning combination of devastatingly demure 1930s infused sexiness with 21st Century sharp panache that a woman can ever own. 

Says Mouret, “It’s about finding that tiny corner of paradise for your summer holiday – those little corners that still exist, perhaps a little village in the South of France, that have not yet been made all shiny and mass market by tourism.  These clothes are about making it your responsibility to dress for that view of paradise – it’s a crafty attitude to the clothes, a touch of the bohemian attitude that lets you be part of that postcard.” 

Pair with Monsieur Louboutin”s red soled heels, some Guerlain red lipstick and a well shaken Gibson and we have lift off. 

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