Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony launches at Village Bicycle

by Katie on February 10, 2012

A couple of nights ago I wandered up to Notting Hill to Willa Keswick’s Village Bicycle store for the launch of the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony range.  Would the divine Ms S be there herself? Not a hope in hell that had decidedly frozen over on that chilly night. Instead, guests were to kick back downstairs on colourful giant bean bags and watch the 1998 Whit Stilman movie (in which our Chloe made one of her best screen performances), ‘The Last Days of Disco,’ based on New York’s legendary ‘Studio 54’. 
Now, as a bona fide disco gal who can roll out her ‘poo poo’ drums and Philly strings at a moment’s notice, it seemed a great idea but a trite wasted on the selected Hoxtonite youth gathered there who regard disco as a bit ‘fun’ and ‘retro’ instead of groundbreaking and one of the most seminal influences in music. In fact, I’m sure I brought the average age up by 10 years as I took in the practiced coolness and faux confidence of the yoot’. And, as I’d already seen the movie, got the soundtrack and was just about to give up on it all, the newest member of the Village Bicycle team, an international sophisticate with real style and kudos enveloped me in her suitably older and much more knowing crew who eschewed the Red Bull and Beer and stuck to the copious vodka and apple juice. West Londoners after my own heart. We left the lovehearts, sweet and candies in the goodie bags to the nippers.
The Opening Ceremony range is every bit downtown New York with nods to trendy-wendy East London but its that juxtoposition that works in the clever Village Bicycle store. There are teeny weeny denim shorts, lots of leather trims, woollen sweaters with puckered sleeves, delicate punched leather tops and dresses that manage to be be both feminine and edgy and a tongue- in-cheek use of large scale sloganing as ‘vision street wear’ shouts on tees and bomber jackets. 
It is invariably aimed at the young with money to burn invest and it will certainly mark out the wearers as suitably hip. What it brings to Village Bicycle with its global vision and Willa’s high ranking taste is another coup in what makes them different and a ‘go to’ London style destination for new brands and ideas.
Attendees at the event Jameela Jamil (with her ubiquitous floppy hat), Caroline Flack (sans Harry Styles), Mary Charteris and hot new signer, Jess Mills, will no doubt rock the look in the future. More downtown bar of-the-moment than red carpet.

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