Giorgio Armani A/W’12 Collection Pushes Loyalty to The Limit

by Katie on February 28, 2012

Mr Armani is decidedly fond of the walking twins this season. By that I mean that at both Emporio Armani and at his mainline collection he choose to send out pairs of girls, for what reason, we’re not sure, except to show double the colours and layering choices. Who knows?
It seems churlish and unworthy to criticise a name that’s remained one of the pinnacles of Italian and global fashion for so long and as powerful as Giorgio Armani S.p.A, but the fact of the matter is while Mr Armani clung to the staples and strategy that’s made his name with sharp cut trouser suiting with flashes of orange, fuchsia and Tibetan red, the wheel of fashion has turned so much so, that these didn’t fall into any of the camps currently au courant. 
Overnight, it seems that quietly labouring at a honed craft that relies on luxury suiting just isn’t enough. This could be excused if there were hints of on-the-money trend (there weren’t) or if the label delivered to the max on its own brand of classics, ramped up and altered to fit the season. What was shown, in fact, was a mistimed attempt at creating a semi-androgynous trend, bermuda shorts and flippy skirts, that seemed, dare I say, dated and mis-matched to the demands of the ageing moneyed consumer. Adding large face skimming hats to every outfit made for a conscious attempt at ‘timeless style’ but tragically did the opposite, rather like Joan Collins obstinately clinging to her shoulderpads.
Brightly coloured shift dresses and the traditional Armani evening jacket with sequin trims played to Armani’s strengths as did the satin edged tuxedo jackets but it left a quandary re. what to do with the bottom half – shorts (again), shorts under dresses (yes, I know) or the brightly coloured, flippy knee length skirt.
Mr Armani will always have his loyal customers avid to the call of Giorg but this season, they will be pushed to their limits when faced with the strength of collections elsewhere and devoid of major trend at the label they love.
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