Kinder Aggugini’s Flirt with Americana for A/W’12

by Katie on February 20, 2012

I have a fondness for ‘yee haw’ and all things Americana Southern. I’m from Glasgow, a city that sprouted bands such as Aztec Camera, Texas and Glasvegas and even has it’s very own Grand Ol’ Opry and more than a fair share of Country & Western Karaoke bars so it’s safe to say, we surely do lurve our Southern influences. 
So, Kinder Aggugini grabbed me from the start with a brilliant banging soundtrack of mashed up Americana country meets pop and hip hop (Alabama 3, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Madonna, Kelis, Nelly, Amerie) and proceeded to brazenly roll out his catwalk collection entitled ‘Appropriation’ and it was easy to see why. Influences included Prada stroke Hermes type cactus and cowboy Western prints but played on a background of  deeply sophisticated cuts. Add to that, hints of Ralph Lauren styling with swept back hair and preppy, post modernist printed skirts paired with blazers and long Melton duster coats worn with yee haw, Texan ten Gallon hats courtesy of Stephen Jones and we have a theme.
What jarred in this show of two halves was with the juxtaposing addition of evening wear (and boy can Kinder do glamma) in mixes of black and navy with beautifully rich baroque gold lace and a finale of stripped back, compacted wool ball gowns. These were undeniably gorgeous but seemed ‘tacked on’ to pacify his loyal consumers rather than running with his ‘appropriation’ theme the whole darn’ hog.
Still, it had me jigging merrily in my seat and pointing to bits that I’d gladly have in my wardrobe and I left with a big smile on my face and that can’t be bad. Highly Appropriate.

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