Let the Bath Oils take the Strain.

by Katie on February 1, 2012

January’s always a downer. No matter how much we all look forward to starting a new year, we all have to get January out of the way before we really feel secure – post Christmas lag, bills, broken resolutions and the need for something to look forward to. This one has been no different and in its closing days, with a severe weather warning of plummeting temperatures and snow and ice forecast, there’s an additional reason to hole up and stay in with the TV and treats – onsies optional for the severely challenged of taste. 

In a month like this, the most relaxing and self indulgent time spent can be relatively cheap – and that doesn’t include ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ or even ‘Take Me Out’. What I’m suggesting is ditching the quick shower for a long, languorous bath…the type that soothes, relaxes and makes you a feel like a new person. Ready for the towelling robe or the swaddling of a duvet.

This is why I’m now the proud owner of a few of the most delectable bath oils on planet Chutzpah. Oils fill the air with aromatherapeutic scents as well as conditioning the skin sans froth and bubbles – so much more civilised to let the scented steam and gently oiled water do its work while you lie back and drift off.
There are four tinctures that I’ve trialed over the last few weeks and can recommend each of them for different reasons. Jo Malone, the modern English trail blazer of natural country scents with a ramped up difference has several choices in fragrances bath oil from the heady Red Roses and Wild Fig & Cassis to the ever popular zesty Lime, Basil & Mandarin and the choice I made, Nutmeg and Ginger. The latter was a step out of line for me but it has firmly taught me that I should swerve from my fragrance path more often with its distinctively subtle warm spicy tones that work with the bitter orange blossom and lemon essential oils, all shot through with a base of amber and vetyver. As delicious as it sounds, its the surprise that it keeps on giving – this one seemed to sink into my skin that little bit more and made me wonder, later, what the gorgeous smell I was catching was…with the realisation, ‘oh yes, it’s me!‘. Always a good sign. It’s also a great idea for a birthday gift with its classy Jo Malone black be-ribboned gift box. (£38 for 250ml and £53 for a 200ml glass decanter).
Second in line was the unrivalled for sheer glamour – Created in 1953 by Estée Lauder herself, Youth Dew has since become one of the most popular and enduring fragrances of the last  Century, and using a few drops of the bath oil before a glamorous night out is like stepping back in time to the glamour of the 1950s. Its unmistakable scent of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and muguet alongside its deeply sexy spicy accords is as mysteriously sensuous as it ever was. This little glass bottle of deep golden brown charisma is now a treasured possession and the only way to begin an evening wrapped in a ’50s wiggle dress. (30ml is £22.50 from Estee Lauder counters in all good dept stores).
When it comes to purveyors of English traditional scents with a globally recognised heritage, the name that comes to the fore is Floris. Floris’s Night Scented Jasmine bath essence is an overwhelming white floral bouquet of jasmine, gardenia, neroli and ylang ylang warmed through with rose and mimosa and with the slightest hint of sandalwood. The concentrate on this essence is truly incredible and a few drops are all that’s needed to feel like your bathing in a greenhouse filled with beautiful scented buds. A really classic choice as a gift for anyone, this bath essence is a treat. Also available in Edwardian Bouquet, White Rose and Cefiro amongst others. (£45 for 50ml glass bottle).
My final recommendation is with the niche but well sought out Aromatherapy Associates. I tested The Perfect Partners Gift Set (A bargain £15 for 2 x 7.5ml bottles of relax and revive oils), which was a toe in the water, beginner’s guide to aromatherapy. Both the Relax and Revive duly delivered on their promise. Aromatherapy Associates suggests adding a few drops to a bath or massaging over your torso should you choose to shower or, alternatively, placing a few drops to your pulse points – all promise to help ease an anxious mind and promote peaceful sleep. (A full size bottle of either oil is available for £37 for 55ml)  

Perhaps February and March also need some bath oil indulgence treatments?

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