Bulgari launch Omnia Coral with a special Digital FB event

by Katie on March 29, 2012

Once I got my head around the double link bottle and stopped trying to pick apart the plastic in a futile attempt to access the juice (I’m of the plain and simple maketh life easy brigade), my first thoughts on this new release from superior jewellers, Bulgari, was velvety fruity fresh with a distinct coral red tinged aura – which is appropriate, after all, as it’s named Bulgari Omnia Coral.

This may bear the name of exclusivity but the scent is approachable in the extreme. I’d go so far as to say that it’s a lot younger and fruitier than I’d imagine from the brand who have added this flanker to the existing Omnia Crystalline, Green Jade and Amethyste – we are getting the gist here aren’t we that they are named after precious jewels? Good.

Coral may not be as prized as the rest of the jewels in the crown but this is bound to be a popular little ditty as its flirty enough for a youth market but has enough strength of character for older brand aficionados. It’s timed for the Summer season, naturally, with its heady hit of fresh goji berries quickly ensconced by the soft hibiscus heart. The latter adds a softness, a temperance and an anchor with a velvet rope to the carry the fragrance and its hearty doze of femininity. Drying down, there’s a powdery soft layer of scented fresh air, like strolling through a scented mist of garden spray on a hot day.

By comparison, it’s sister Omnia Crystalline is sharper and more exotic than its Mediterranean muse. It’s pale aqua tones and hints of fresh pear and faint sweet almonds are targeted at an Asian audience but work suitably in Occidental areas, probably due to the lightness of touch.  Omnia Coral is more effusive than Crystalline and catches you higher in the nose. She dances while Crystalline drifts and she’s set at a higher olfactory level – a more direct golden shot of Summer.

Perfumer, Alberto Morillas is a canny soul. He’s managed to target both Europe with Omnia Coral’s floral heart and cater to South America’s love of fruit and zest with a splurge of freshness. It’s a perfume with a broad appeal and, while it may not have the perfumistas baying for a spray, it holds its own in a global market.

Ombia Coral’s digital launch will be live streamed on the official Bulgari FaceBook page today (29th March) at 2pm London time with perfumer Alberto Morillas and various bloggers including myself. Join the launch by clicking on the FB link.

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