Harrods Launch New Technology Department with Celebrity Party

by Katie on March 23, 2012

When Harrods launch a whole new ramped up area in store, you know it’s going to be special. So, when the invitation to attend Harrods new 22,000 square foot Technology Dept launch popped into my email box, there was a definite buzz of anticipation.
On arrival, there was the blinding array of technology by world famous brands who tempted us with their hi-tech, sleek smooth lines and had us all ‘needing’ new Sony VAIOs (my favourite) Loewe sound systems, FujiFilm cameras, Blackberry, Apple (‘oh, I’ll have one of everything, thanks’), Porsche, Toshiba and even Swarovski (with not a hint of bling in sight).
The monied ‘suits’ merged with the significantly less but undeniably better dressed fashion crowd to drink champagne, cuban spiced martinis and Auld Alliance whisky, watch the official unveiling as well as take in an upbeat fashion show where models rocked headphones, carried laptops and generally strutted their stuff. 
Up and coming singer, Misty Miller, sang accompanied by her ukelele (ok, the ukelele part may have been just a tad too twee for Chutzpah’s taste) while the DJ pumped out dance hit after dance hit. At this point, the realisation that copious drinks and exceedingly expensive new technology may not be the best coupling became apparent as I visibly flinched when party invitees put unsteady champagne glasses next to expensive PCs and sound equipment (hey, you can take the girl out of PR…), but the crowd was incredibly well-behaved for such a lively event which is just as well.
I particularly appreciated the fact that hipper than hip brand, Monster (huge in Japan, naturally), launched four new models of headphones and earphones at the event – Gratitude, Inspiration, Diamond Tears and Diesel VEKTR headphones. The Gratitudes are specially created high-performance in-ear headphones while the Inspiration line is Monster’s first over-ear, noise cancelling headphones – ideal for frequent business travellers, home, commuting or office use. It was the Diamond Tears – Edge headphones with its bold, jewellery like appearance with a multi-faceted design that had all the fashion types drooling, ‘I want those!’, though Monster were incredibly generous gifting us with a pair of Gratitude in-ear headphones. And, they are terrific.
Harrods being Harrods, there were an array of ultra expensive, exclusive products to the store including an 11ft AeroDream speaker from Jarre at £330,000, a 152″ Panasonic TV for £600,000, new products from Toshiba including the new glasses free 3D TV, a one-of-a-kind Ferrari Hassleblad camera and the new HP Spectre netbook.
Celebrities attending the techfest enjoying the mix of glam media and fashion included Erin O’Connor, Jasmine Guinness, Nick Grimshaw, Matthew Horne, Chris O’Dowd & Dawn Porter, Tali Lennox and Tamara Ecclestone

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