Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs Exhibition Launches in Paris at Musée des Arts Décoratifs

by Katie on March 9, 2012

In his Comme Des Garcons salmon pink dress and new season buckle shoes from the LV collection, Marc Jacobs knows how to create an impact in social media, even if on this occasion, it was for the wrong reasons. And, with a critically acclaimed A/W’12 catwalk show and the launch of a retrospective at Musee des Arts Decoratif in Paris (9th March- 16th Sept), there should be more than enough focus on Marc’s considerable achievements leading the house at Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton- Marc Jacobs is in reality a story of two personalities and their contributions to the world of fashion: Louis Vuitton, founder of the house of Louis Vuitton in1854, and Marc Jacobs, its artistic director since 1997. Two powerful innovators, both rooted in their respective centuries, advanced an entire industry. Two creative influences, each in their own language, appropriated cultural codes and trends in order to shape the history of contemporary fashion.

Curated by fashion historian Pamela Golbin, the exhibition is more an invitation to analysis than a traditional retrospective, the parallel stories of Vuitton and Jacobs permitting an in-depth look at the fashion industry during two decisive periods, one beginning with nineteenth century industrialisation and the other peaking in twenty-first century globalisation. Theirs is also a story of French craftsmanship, technological progress, stylistic creation and artistic collaboration.
Familiar with the intricate workings of the corporate world, Jacobs stepped onto the Parisian stage well equipped with the realities and vagaries of global fashion and corporate branding. His approach to Louis Vuitton was pragmatic as well as creative, “You’ve got this ultra conservative age-old world of Vuitton that exists alongside the very trendy up-to-the-moment fashion world. And, I think the further apart those two things get the more they complement each other in a way. So, you have Annie Leibovitz doing these ads with Gorbachev, Catherine Deneuve and Agassi showing historical Vuitton’s attitude about travel and sophistication – this old world, in a new way. And then you have our Mert & Marcus side of it, which is glossy and glitzy and glamorous and about film stars and whatever. I think it’s better the further apart the two become.”
With Louis Vuitton’s heritage and indomitable force in luxury goods and travel for almost 200 hundred years, they have authority to lead as well as instruct.

As Mr Jacobs says, “A famous unique house that will exist after me, Vuitton is not a fashion company, we make ‘fashionable’ things…but the heart of the brand remains unchanged and unchangeable, which is just as well.” Quite.

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