Swedish brand Monki launches on London’s Carnaby Street

by Katie on March 12, 2012

I rocked up to the launch of Swedish brand Monki’s new store in London’s Carnaby street not knowing a great deal about them except that they have a cult following and that the agency who represents them are fun, so went along for the ride. 
Each Monki store prides itself on being a voyage of discovery whether that be strange Forgotten Forest, the bio-hazardous City of Oil and Steel or the magical Sea of Scallops. The London adventure is based on shipwrecked carousels at the bottom of the ocean and this two floor large store provides enough colour visual stimuli to keep even the most A.D.D teenager in order.  Large tables, half carousels with mirrors, tangerine, pink and orange shades abound with photography to aid the customers voyage through the store. 
There’s enough choice of jeans, t-shirts, shirts, accessories and large funky shoes for the whole of Hoxton and then some and it’s easy to see why this collection of easy yet lively separates has a cult following in its native homeland. I terms of price, quality and edge – it’s somewhere in between H&M and Zara as we know it but is pitching to a crowd who much more Euro Urban Outfitters.
I’m glad that I took time to see the store at the start of the night, as by the end, the place was heaving with a cross breed of MTV Scandinavia meets Shoreditch on a Friday types. There were ‘Spin the Wheel of Fortune’ drinks as well as talent spotting and pics taken for Monki’s own brand magazine.
Youth and celebrity TV and music names such as Amber Atherton, Billie JD Porter, Cleo Sol, Etta Bond, Gemma Cairney, Georgie Okell, Icona Pop, Laura Whitmore, Margot Bowman, Shanika Warren, Vanessa White, Yasmin and Zara Martin had fun celebrating the brand’s new flagship store.
Super hip Swedish duo Icona Pop wowed guests with a performance of their hit single ‘Manners’ followed by DJ sets from the UK’s finest Yasmin, Zara Martin and Margot Bowman.
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