Agent Provocateur’s ‘Classics’ Comedies Campaign

by Katie on April 24, 2012

Hmm, don’t know how I feel about this short film from AP. Always risque and raunchy, the brand still managed to retain a bit of mystique and class as well as its inherent naughtiness compared to its more taudry high street imitators. This short film may well boost their internet site traffic amongst red hot hetero males but at what expense the brand’s reputation and pull with women?

The three short films are to be launched at key seasonal sales points, to celebrate the re-launch of the ‘Classics’ collection, directed by Nick Jones. The films each convey a naughty British sense of humour at the heart of the Agent Provocateur brand philosophy, portraying the leading lady with a Superhero alter ego, that borders on the Benny Hill chase scenarios.

The first film, “The Chase”, shows the AP heroine demonstrating her confidence, determination and empowerment in an everyday urban setting, while always remembering her Agent Provocateurs and proving that “Sexy never takes a day off.”  The ‘you’re going down’ end game  may be a tad de trop.

Creative Director, Sarah Shotton says: “We wanted to remind our customer that Agent Provocateur has a wicked sense of humour that we feel is essential when showcasing our knickers.”

The ‘Classics’ collections provides glamorous foundations to an Agent Provocateur lingerie collection, to inspire women to feel at their most sensual and seductive all day long with the moniker, ‘Sexy never takes a day off’. Indeed, it’s rather like the idea behind Ann Summers ‘Everyday Sexy’ range…now I wonder who first thought of that one?

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