Adventures in Tailoring with E.Tautz for S/S’13

by Katie on June 17, 2012

The show notes for E. Tautz’s offering for Spring/Summer 2013 mention a young Afar warrior encountered by the collection’s inspiration, explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger, whose belt was decorated with dried testicles, the trophies from many battles.
Another man with muchos cojones is the owner of E. Tautz, Patrick Grant. Not only did he persuade bleary-eyed buyers and journalists to travel over to Wapping at an early hour (please note that Katie comes over all unnecessary if she has to travel further east than Liverpool Street, so guess who had to schlep across town?), he also opened the catwalk presentation with a bright fuchsia cloak.
Grant, a former material science and engineering graduate, has much in common with Wilfred Thesiger, both adventurers, one through science and one through travel and the study of indigenous tribes. Thesiger once wrote that, in the desert he “found a freedom unattainable in civilisation, a life unhampered by possessions”. But how does that translate into fashion, an industry which relies upon the fetishisation of The New?
Grant has taken Sir Wilfred’s life and reduced it back to its essence; a smattering of uniform, both school and military, a hint of a safari jacket, club stripe ties. The other major influence is the late Eighties Manchester rave scene, resulting in a collection interspersed with bucket hats, graphic ‘Speccy’ T’s not a million miles away from the Inspiral Carpets infamous cow design T-shirts, and a palette of midnight blue shot through with bursts of neon brights and Hacienda yellow. The tailoring is suitably Savile Row sharp and, like almost every collection shown this weekend, features a couple of short suits.
Can Patrick Grant persuade E. Tautz’s customers to buy a suit jacket and matching shorts? With the strength of direction he’s currently exhibiting, I’d say yes – and probably the pink cloak as well.

Review written by Lee Clatworthy (@TeamChutzpah) for Katie Chutzpah Blog. 

Catwalk pics used by kind permission of Please click on the link to see more.

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