Aveda Works its Miracles with Hair

by Katie on June 25, 2012

Just before London Collections Men last week, I panicked slightly. Here was London’s first international Mens’ Fashion Week (titled the clunky LCM rather than LFW-Men) and there was Ms Chutzpah with hair that was shockingly in need of care and attention. There’s nothing quite like the prospect of rocking up, looking frightful, to a Men’s Fashion event teaming with dapper males to give one ‘the fear’.

I called in the professionals at the Aveda Institute (coincidentally located slap bang in the midst of the new LCM show venues) who were willing to take on the challenge of my too, too long, grey at the roots, home-dyed, graduated colour hair. 
The Aveda Institute in High Holborn is a mecca of calm and black clad professional efficiency exuding wholesomeness yet thoroughly intent on making the customer the central focus of her/his experience with their individual colour and cut diagnosis, arm massages from a professional masseur using Aveda products and offers of green tea and health. The Aveda salon team concentrate on making sure the customer feels the radiating calm in this centred chakra of haircare.
I started off with a diagnosis discussion with colour specialist Teaho who wanted to even out my colour and with agreement, take my hair darker and more natural. Teaho set to work and appeared with a mix of three differing colour bowls that he applied to ensure natural coverage. All I had to do was kick back and wait for a half hour until the natural based colour had set and then be whisked to the wash area for treatment with Aveda Colour Conserve products and a head massage. This wouldn’t be Aveda without the massages.
Next, came the quite brilliant Sally (stylist) who took on my instructions and set to work cutting out the dead hair – quite a bit actually 4-5 inches, which made my hair healthier, bouncier and more youthful. There is nothing, repeat, nothing, quite like the feeling of having a ‘new you’ appear in front of the mirror in record time. Sally then slickly teased and blow dried with Aveda’s ‘Smooth Infusion’ and liquid gel to create my sleek, sophisticated style (that of course, I’ll never quite be able to replicate at home with my inexperience). 

I left feeling that I could take on the world and, of course, praying that it didn’t rain. It must have been one evening this wet June it didn’t. Lucky me.

Check out the Aveda Institue website for bookings and diagnosis HERE.

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