The Courvoisier Institute of Cocktails

by Katie on July 13, 2012

Courvoisier cognac needs no introduction. It’s deadly smooth warmth with the silent kick is best enjoyed alone or in a heady champagne cocktail. Taking their heritage to a new audience, Couvoisier have taken ingenuity to a new level by their staging of The Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails which takes place only on 13th & 14th July and is a fully immersive experience where actors ham in up in vignettes that highlight the cocktail they are enthusing.
At the preview of the event, guests including Shingai Shoniwa of The Noisettes, Olivia Inge, Perdita Weeks and Sam Bompas took a tour through the once derelict Institute at The Heritage Rooms (beautifully clad in lacquered wood walls with ornate detailing) in Bloomsbury Square, London to join a decadent dinner party with an eccentric Lord, walz in a Rococo Ballroom, find their ‘Sazerac Point’* (*warning, it contains absinthe) in a New Orleans jazz bar/apothecary and enjoy classic Courvoisier cocktails.
For only two days (13th & 14th July), visitors can explore this surreal world of make-believe as actors take it to the extreme in various settings and then be selected to join The Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails in a multo-bizarro initiation ceremony. Set up over a hundred years ago for (allegedly) the world’s greatest bartenders to perfect the ultimate cocktail, this mythical institute was all but forgotten and is re-enacted to comedic proportions. It’s all fun. It’s all good. And is cheap at the price.
Tickets for this unique Courvoisier cocktail experience are selling fast so make sure you join the revolutionary cognac house and open your eyes to the theatre of cocktails on a grand scale. Tickets available from Sessions take place every 20 minutes.

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