Plongee Clothing Launches at Riding House Cafe

by Katie on August 26, 2012

Thursday night saw the intimate launch of hip and down low casual wear brand, Plongee Clothing at The Riding House Cafe.

A crowd of in-the-know style bloggers, journos and London ‘faces’ to celebrate the launch of the new brand which takes tightly constructed and well designed t-shirting, sweats and polo shirts as a base from which to develop the Plongee name.
The brand’s logo, product, image, website and marketing have been well thought through. With good attention to detail, the start-up collection which will surely add more colour and co-ordinating bottoms to pair with the myriad selection of mens and womenswear tops which either hold the brand’s name of the cute old skool diver logo. The sweats are chic enough to be paired with designer brands with their tight jersey ribbed edging that gives a finished look. Cute, too, are the tight, figure hugging, Plongee logoed womenswear tees in muted washed out shades that are the right side of good taste.
The feel is English Torquay hipster meets the Hamptons and the label could easily be taken as an American or French start-up business but is actually the brainchild of English founder, John Hobson, whose inspiration for the brand came from the South of France, long hot days and an easy beach lifestyle.  
Says Hobson, “Our style hopes to be effortless – changing a classic polo by playing with the collar, a pretty girl wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie and making it her own; throwing on a sweatshirt when the sun goes down and keeping it on all night dancing on tables in the local bar.”
Plongee Clothing is comprised of an collection of classic basics comprised of largely natural fabrications that can be worn town or beach. They’re designed to fit tight, youthful bodies and give an air of Abercrombie & Fitch without the over massed, over here hype.

The brand may have far to go with the launch of this compact first collection but all the elements are there for a niche youthquake appeal.

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