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by Katie on November 18, 2012

‘This Week’ captures a snapshop of a week’s happenings in the life of Katie’s alter ego, Karen. A lot can happen in London.

‘This Week’ I hid from a designer, got acquainted with a spray tan and Sprizzato and ended up NBF’s with “Made in Chelsea’s” Proudlock & Francis Boulle at a Russian billionaire’s designer party in Notting Hill.

Hiding from a Designer
I should learn by now how to sync my diary electronically and be one of those snazzy organised bloggers. But, I forget and usually run around town with a post-it with hastily scrawled addresses of that day’s appointments. Meeting up at The Mayfair Hotel with my friend ‘the eccentric producer’, I trawled her to the other end of Mayfair with the promise of seeing a major designer’s S/S’13 collection up close. She jumped at the chance. “Oh, we can do that and then we can pop by The Wolseley for afternoon tea.” Fair do’s, I thought. 

Standing at the door, I buzzed. No answer. I buzzed again, a little more emphatically. Still no answer. At this point the eccentric producer is pushing her Marni and Chanel clad weight against the door determined to get in. “I don’t think that will help, hon,” I said. At this point, I checked the address on the ancient iPhone while eccentric producer continued to jab the buzzer. The light dawned. “Oh hell, it says the 15th not the 13th!”. At this point we see a pair of legs begin to make their way downstairs and I hastily grab eccentric producer and leg it round the corner to a doorway to avoid being detected. Out of breathe, giggling and feeling like kids playing ‘knock down ginger’, we headed to The Wolseley. All in a day’s work.
Tasting Sprizzato at the fab new Central & Co, Gt Marlborough St.
I had been trawling around town attending various fashion & beauty press days and met up with my friend, Disco Princess. She was to DJ at a party later that week and, being far more ‘Roxy’ than ‘Britney’, was preparing to buy truckloads of ‘Now That’s What I Call Camp’ she’d play only once to please the clients. It was a quick meet and as she headed of to skate at Tower Bridge, I headed for a Sienna Spray tan at W Hotel with the adorable James Harnett. If any man can make you feel comfortable in paper knickers and nothing else, he’s the man that can.
Newly sprayed, I teetered through Soho, by now slightly sticky, trying not to destroy the tan. I’d been invited to an evening to try out the new aperitif Sprizzato at the new bar/brasserie, Central & Co, which is a right little find. I had arranged to meet the silver fox media A-Gays, one of whom was heading to see Sinead O’Connor later. (Boy, did we rib him about that). I also bumped into some of the gorgeous vintage mafia posse who are always delightful and downright gorgeously attired. Sprizzato was new to us in name but oh so familiar. Tasting like Aperol, it’s paired with prosseco and makes for a brilliant cocktail alternative. After two or three apiece, the drinks party was on full beam. It seemed a shame to leave but I did.
The Leon Max store launch party with The Kills
It was an odd one. Everything usually happens on a Thursday in London so receiving an invitation for a party on a Friday and a big one at that was a tad unusual. Trying to gauge a Notting Hill store launch party is a bit like trying to read the runes – they’re either entirely underwhelming or OTT. I hoped the latter. The fact that Mr Kate Moss would be playing was the cleu. Disco Princess was being unusually good and refused a night out so I called the travel fox. “D’you fancy a designer party in West London?” He did. 

The night was one of the most unexpected, stylish and whoop-it-up parties of the year. Champagne on tap, celebs (and Ricky from Eastenders) just kept appearing at the store before heading onto the VIP party at The Lonsdale. We arrived and the place was heaving. By this point, I’ll admit we were 2/3rds full of Nicolas Feuillatte, so making new friends wasn’t a chore. We were soon grabbed by a familiar face – Proudlock from E4’s “Made in Chelsea”. Totally charming and lots of fun, we were then joined by the series’s Francis Boulle. It all became a bit hazy after that. It may have cost me a Dior earring but I left with my dignity intact. Just.

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