Marni’s Womenswear Winter Edition 2013

by Katie on January 21, 2013

Sometimes the Marni terminology confuses me as much as their new fragrance release* (*more on that in a later post) and I’m not exactly new to this fashion thing. Just in, is a taster of Marni’s latest ‘Winter Edition 2013’ collection. Being a stickler (or a bit thick, “you decide”), I had to ask the question, “Is this what’s known as Pre Fall or is it Marni’s Spring ’13 release but with the more Wintery parts highlighted?”
Yes readers, I was warm to the idea and clarified, it is indeed a Pre Fall Collection for Marni, treated as a caspule taster for A/W’13. Phew! That over. I can concentrate on the clothing.
What I love and admire about Marni is its unswerving devotion to giving us something that’s just a little bit different but still ultra wearable and wantable. Consuela Castiglioni knows that women of a certain age and intelligence have a penchant for the label so why mess with a good thing. Unlike its counterparts Prada and Missoni, the designer seems to keep firm grasp of the collection, ensuring a firm hold and consistency that’s fairly rare in fashion circles.
The Marni Winter ’13 edition kicks through in military vein.  “Girls who are boys who like boys who to be girls..” sang Blur and this little amuse-bouche of a collection leads us firmly down that path. I could come out with the cliches – urban (blah blah) tough (blah blah), Manlike tailoring (more blah), but all in all, the pics tell the story.
This is as focused a collection you can get with all the subtle sexy subterfuge and all of the commercialism. Like any typical Marni wearer, you dip in and out and play with the range. And that, my friends, is the beauty of Marni. It can be worn well. In and out of season.

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