Burberry releases Burberry Body Tender fronted by Cara Delevigne

by Katie on March 2, 2013

Seems the world’s gone mad for Cara D. Even falling out of clubs the worst for wear post London Fashion Week only added to her allure. She’s the one with the eye on La Reine Moss’s crown now the latter is practically the elder statesmodel of British fashion. And Burberry lay the biggest claim to Cara Delevigne, who has been modelling for the brand for years before her seemingly instant exposure and British Fashion Council Model of the Year award.
Cara is a well known face of Burberry’s womenswear and this week, Burberry has released a new lighter Summer flanker named Burberry Body Tender which she fronts. (Rosie Huntington-Whitely fronted the original Burberry Body).
Burberry Body Tender is a lighter mood perfume, supported by an ad campaign featuring Cara (natch) with the soundtrack by Misty Miller. Burberry’s great at tying up the package and presenting the best of British in an aspirational, youth-tinged way and this fragrance is living testimony to that. It’s described as relaying “the relaxed, playful attitude of the Burberry girl with the energy of the brand’s London hometown.”
The bottle is shaped like it’s sister counterpart (Burberry Body) and fashioned like a new age icicle plucked from Supeman’s Arctic vault. Only the juice this time is tinged palest rose pink and is equally fresh and cool. A surge of bitter lemon hits the nose as the dewy rose and white jasmine back up this lady’s presence. Fruity and aldehydic, this is a very young, very blonde and very hip fragrance for young women who aspire to a funky Burberry Brit lifestyle, all huge bags over the arm and rainmacs tied messily with an insoucient vibe. In fact, this choice would be perfect for the cast of (allegedly) blue-blood Brits, the ‘Made in Chelsea’ girls, pouting and posing and wearing oddly plonked on hats on every occasion then blinking frenetically each time the camera pans them. They so aspire to be Cara or Rosie.

Saying that, Burberry Body Tender is more than pleasant, much like our cast of ‘MiC’ girls. Only like the girls, it may be lacking somewhat in depth. It’s a one off strength note perfume that keeps on giving but doesn’t vary its output or alter greatly on length of wear. Still, it is Burberry through and through. Light, modern, British and upbeat.

Burberry used photographer Mario Testino to shoot the ad campaign on the Thames under the creative direction of Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey.

Available in 30ml (£49.95), 60ml and 85ml versions.

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