I don’t get Isabel Marant. Shoot me now.

by Katie on March 3, 2013

Time for my faltering admission. I don’t get the hoo-haa over Isabel Marant. 

Like a few other designers (aka Wang’s own line) and high street names come quasi designer status stores like (the re-born) Whistles and Maje, it’s all a bit ‘whooosh’ right over my head. And yet the mainstay bigwigs of fashion lap them up (Why? Why?). I can get the good separates in muted tones, the fall-back trousers and the well-cut sweaters but it’s all just a bit, dare I say, ‘samey’ and the accepted good-taste uniform for those days when fashion all gets too too much at the magazine office.
Don’t get me wrong, I’d be first in line come the rounds at Zadig & Voltaire, J Lindberg and Cos but les autres. Pah! Guess I like my Stevie Nicks did-it-first-time-round vibe too much to be swayed by muted tones ad infinitum and layers upon layers are mine enemy. Too messy. Too fussy. Too meh.
With that, Isabel Marant (one of the fash eds’ faves) has them wetting themselves in the aisles like untrained puppy dogs with this A/W’13 selection of boyish separates piled on atop the other in tones of grey, white, navy, beige and black.
Daringly, nips peeped through the shear tops and knitted armlings (my name for them) paired with leggings. short frill skirts, vests and sheer chiffon, sometimes topped by wide shouldered short blazers.

This may have been hip urban girl or more likely model-on-a-casting in any metropolis but in terms of vision, it didn’t set my dendrites aflame. It fact, it positively nullified them I may be heading towards fashion coventry by admitting this but what’s to love about leggings and jersey that we haven’t seen tons of times before?

I’m cast out now, aren’t I?

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stylonylon March 3, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Enjoyed reading this! I know exactly what you mean, but I still love and will probably rave about the collection! Weird, huh? It’s like hearing a song you love for the first time – it kind of pre-existed somewhere out there already. Is this collection a bit like Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent? Just doing really well stuff that’s already been done. I guess this is why everyone loves Christopher Kane so much, for his endless supply of fresh ideas… Sorry, there’s probably some kind of etiquette on Sunday ramblings on other people’s blogs… 🙂
Julia x


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