Last Week – Marc Jacobs Diet Coke & Patrick Hellman

by Katie on March 20, 2013

‘This Week’  or more latterly, ‘Last Week’ captures a snapshop of a week’s happenings in the life of Katie’s alter ego, Karen. A lot can happen in London. You just have to brave it.

Last week was something of a watershed for me. I had only ventured out to one event in the the week before since taking very ill and being hospitalised. So, slowly, slowly, I’ve been making it back to the London party circuit which has been tempting me with the many ‘you have been invited to’ emails. There’s nothing that spurs a soul on to better health than the prospect of what she’s missing out on by being cooped up at home in a dressing gown. That and the champagne, of course.

It was a Monday night for goodness sakes and bitterly cold. I hesitated on my sofa, dressed to kill and wearing my obligatory Winter fur. Still. In March. 

The Marc Jacobs Diet Coke party (to celebrate its 30th year and its new designer brand ambassador) was on the other side of London, way up in Kings Cross. Could I be bothered to stir my weary backside outside in the bitter cold and head North on the tube for nearly an hour? The party won by 51%. I did. And boy am I glad. It’s already going down as one of those events you had to be at.

Ruinart champagne flowed along with indulgently expensive canapes and the Diet coke sets glowed pink with pictorial odes to ’80s excess and shoulder pads aplenty. All the while, the DJ played a stonking set of ’80s tunes and the obligatory photo booth had a queue of happy people all eager to capture the moment. 

As more and more people arrived, the event really took on a life of its own. London faces, bloggers, journos, gossip columnists all arrived and climbed upstairs to the party – with free bar, I hasten to add. Just after 9pm, the big reveal took place with a pink ticker tape fanfare worthy of X factor. Three girls dressed in ’80s. 90s and 00’s wear zshushed it up as Marc arrived in his trademark PJs and draped himself over them, camping up his designer diet coke idol image. It worked for me. (Diet Coke’s Limited Edition Marc Jacobs designed bottles are available from 12th March for 4 weeks at £1.99 each, available from Selfridges).

Thursday night meant a visit to Cafe Royal’s grand gilt Grill Room where YSL’s latest Babydoll make-up range was being launched with the brand’s creative director of make-up, Lloyd Simmonds, on hand to show the invitees just how to create the ‘babydoll’ look. Pink Taittinger was served along with all sorts of luscious mini canapes, all in a baby pink tinged glow.

Heading quickly from Cafe Royal to St James, I took in the lavish store launch and then full scale party to launch the Patrick Hellman label. Patrick Hellman, with his new store on prestigious St James a stone’s throw away from Saville Row, is described as a ‘German Tom Ford’ with as much money and big name backing behind him, it appears.

The store and the contents are as tasteful and as expensive as one would expect from a menswear store on St James. The patronage (from the invitees in store) appeared to be wealthy European business magnates as well as Russian oligarchs and their wives. Add in the dashing Patrick Grant from E Tautz (who had a gaggle of expensively highlighted women around him), a few journos and more London faces and the scene was set.

Then, the shop store party was moved on next door to a lavish event in full swing with guests such as Laura Whitmore, Zoe Hardman, Rick Edwards, Will Best and Leigh Francis (aka Keith Lemon) in attendance. Again, the free bar helped make the party go with a bang as did the swing band who took to the stage. I listened to the angel on my shoulder and left as the party was mid-swing. Very sensible indeed for a newly well-again girl.

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