New 60th anniversary Youth-Dew by Estee Lauder released

by Katie on March 4, 2013

Celebrating a birthday this week (like yours truly) is Estee Lauder’s trademark scent, Youth Dew. With its gorgeous warm scent of orange and bergamot, clove, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, cinnamon and orchid this amber based, patchouli added chypre beguiles. It also smells of home. I remember this scent especially as a favourite of my mother’s and it draws me back time and time again to cocktail dresses laid out on the bed while the smell of Youth Dew and hairspray flew in the air and red lipstick was the signifier of glamour.

To mark the 60th year of Youth Dew, Estee Lauder are introducing a new Youth-Dew 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle featuring a luxurious crystal encrusted, golden metallised bow. The jewel-worthy, feminine bottle will be packaged in an eye-catching golden carton that complements and conveys the luxurious and brilliant allure of the fragrance. Perfect for Mother’s Day, indeed.
The story behind Mrs Lauder’s perfume progeny is charming. The development of Youth-Dew began with a scent that Mrs Lauder’s mother kept in their home for years. Originally created by her uncle for a Russian princess, Mrs Lauder purchased essences to rework the fragrance until it matched her vision  In the 1950’s it wasn’t ‘the done thing’ for women to purchase fragrance for themselves, rather it was a gift from a gentleman that was to be kept unopened on the shelf.

So, Estee created a luxurious bath oil that doubled up as a sumptuous fragrance that was a way for women to buy and wear fragrance without the taboo surrounding purchasing fragrance. And Youth Dew was born.
Understanding the importance of making fragrance accessible to women, Mrs Lauder also innovated Youth-Dew’s iconic bottle by not sealing its cap. She understood that if unsealed, women could more easily unscrew the cap while browsing and shopping. A fact we take for granted when sampling pre-purchase today.

To help hype the perfume, the story goes that Mrs Lauder ‘accidentally-on-purpose’ dropped a bottle of Youth dew on the selling floor of stores in either Paris or New York (there are two versions of the story) knowing that the perfume would sell itself and the store space she coveted would be all hers.

Having just re-tried this wonderful classic, I’ve decided it should be my ‘birthday drinks’ perfume at an uptown hotel bar in W1. Now to just go choose the outfit to match.

New Youth-Dew 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Bottle will be available at Estée Lauder counters nationwide and online at from March 2013. Youth-Dew (67ml) priced at £45.00

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