John Galliano dropped from teaching post at Parsons, New York

by Katie on May 9, 2013

It’s a travesty. Not only for this previously celebrated genius who had the fashion world at his feet for so many years (and justifiably so) but for the students of Parsons New School of Design who have been robbed of the man’s presence, talent, creative genius and inspiration. More fool them. Blame the students and their short-sightedness who petitioned against his three day teaching course ‘Show Me Emotion’. If fashion is about vision, they have none.
The underlying and often up-front venom spewed at Galliano has now reached ridiculous proportions. It’s time this ended. Yes, he did wrong. Yes, he openly admitted this as he was driven to break-down by corporate stipulations and a non-existent support structure but really, are we willing to chastise forever? In a fashion world that can easily forgive Ms Moss her drug habits and indeed pay her sufficiently extra post rehab and come-back, how ludicrous is it that one of the world’s greatest living artists is shunned whenever he tries to re-enter his world? Fashion is poorer for it and making itself appear even more idiotic for its inability to have the balls and the voice to say enough is enough. Both press and buyers have to join forces to make this happen. The public will follow. After all, wasn’t one of the world’s largest fashion and beauty businesses, Hugo Boss, originally a member of the Nazi party and a supplier of Nazi uniforms during WW2?
Not allowing Galliano to design is like not allowing the late Picasso to paint. Their directional stance illuminates the world and makes it bigger, better – pushing boundaries of understanding and re what is possible. If we continue to be dictated to feigned outrage and the lowest common denominator, we will become that lowest common denominator. Like Punk Never Happened indeed.
Conde Nast College, be brave, be visionary and make the fashion PR coup of the year. Invite him to lecture in his home city.

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