Chutzpah’s Weekly Barometer

by Katie on June 9, 2013

A Chutzpah look back over the week’s good, bad and indifferent including the “don’t even go there’s.”


THE AMERICANS (ITV) – What’s not to love about this gripping new series that contrasts normal everyday suburban Americana with undercover Russian KGB agents (The Jennings)  at the height of the ‘80s Reagan administration? Check out the old technology that’s being used as spying devices as well as yummy Matthew Rhys (a bona fide Welshman playing a Russian disguised as an American). And all based on a true story.

NINA RICCI’S RESORT’14 LINE – Brit, Peter Copping once again comes up trumps with a variety of silk prints and flowing, feminine, tres heritage Ricci designs in eye-popping colour. Just beautiful.

SELFRIDGES DENIM STUDIO: 60 brands (from Primark to J Brand) and 11, 000 pairs of jeans priced from £11-£11k in a 26k space. It even has a digital ‘jeanius bar’. Spoiled for choice. (Launches 24th June).

SJP’s PROPOSED NEW SHOE LINE – Honey, what took you so long? An anathema for men but a Goddess to most women, we all get that SJP is a walking, talking style icon with the most incredible taste. (Unlike others who are styled to an inch of their cossetted existence). If anyone has the ability to grab our attention and have us part with our cash, it’s the lady who makes dressing for red-carpet launches look easy. Who cares if S&TC was 15 years ago? This is ALL about her personal style and kudos. The fact that she’s collaborating with George Malkemus (CEO of Manolo Blahnik) hasn’t been overlooked either. Bring it on. And, while talking of shoes….

SOPHIA WEBSTER – Loving the styles and the more realistic prices (that don’t mean parting with over a month’s mortgage) that Ms Webster has designed. Available from Netaporter, Sophia brings a high colour edge and sense of fun to the designer shoe brigade. An ex design asst of Nicholas Kirkwood, there’s a clear influence at base but with a much more youthful vibe. Making use of Brazil’s diverse shoe manufacturing, expect to see this designer skyrocket.

MARCHESA’S BEAUTY LINE WITH REVLON – That’s right. You did hear me. Red carpet stalwart design label, Marchesa, is set to launch a beauty line that’s aimed low-mid market with beauty giant, Revlon. Marchesa’s co-founder, Keren Craig, stated, “While we can’t reveal all the details of our multi-collection partnership with Revlon just yet, each collection will truly embody our brand’s feminine and dramatic spirit.” 

YSL’s BABYDOLL PINK EYELINER – I mentioned the Babydoll collection in a post a while ago but trialing this product has made me grin. The most vibrant swoop of pink against a black eyeliner really does look the biz. So unusual and striking. (£24)

THE V&A’S CLUB TO CATWALK EXHIBITION – You’ve done the Hollywood gowns and the gargantuan Bowie exhibition and now it’s time to re-visit the ’80s to see just what a power-packed fashion decade (fuelled by clubland antics and personalities) this was and its influence to date. Featuring Hamnett (below), Galliano et al. (10th July ’13 -16th Feb.14). See you at the launch.

The appeal has always passed me by (and this is someone with brothers in the music industry). Standing or staying in a tent in the muddy equivalent of Oxford St, drinking overpriced beer and eating bad food. And you can bet those copious ‘get the festival look’ emails don’t mean dubious personal hygiene, skin breakouts and dirty clothing. Who’d pay plenty dollah to be this cheated and all for the shared experience? Not me, thanks. 

ONE MOMENT, ONE DIRECTION’S PERFUME LAUNCH – I know they’re every young girl’s dream (as well as many boys who ought to know better) but this old bird won’t be rushing to review this launch. Cashing in on their name to the power of ten.

FASHION’S INFATUATION WITH FEMALE POP STARS’ OUTFIT CHOICES – Or, the Alexa Chung effect. What is it with fashion titles desperate to find the ‘next best thing’ and a new style icon? Over eager to find new blood that can be elevated to front cover status and reified. In a self perpetuation cycle of over-styled newbie to launch attending and profile raising stripling, to designer-donated professional clothes-horse, these women become cut-outs of themselves. So not interested in Rita Ora’s dubious choices in clothing or men. Ditto Rhianna (even worse) and Pixie Lott (too dull to have me raise an eyebrow). Fashion and celebrity don’t always mix well, darlings.

GIVENCHY SKIPPING COUTURE FOR A 2ND TIME – Only because we love Signor Tisci and Givenchy so much and feel the world needs more excellence instead of the multo mediocre we’re often served. 

BEACH IN THE EAST – Meh. Too try-hard trendy, too niche for niche’s sake, too (far) East London. In true ‘Lords of Dogtown’ style a coming together of Californian nostalgia housed in a bespoke, full-size swimming pool in the heart of Shoreditch.” No ta’r. 

‘LADY’ VICTORIA HERVEY – Spotted hanging around Cannes like a seagull at low-tide, the faded It-girl found herself thrown off the red carpet for hogging the limelight. We’re not sure how she ever found herself in it.

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