Hentsch Man’s Americana Road Trip for S/S’14

by Katie on June 23, 2013

The Hentsch Man presentation stood out as a testament to fashion inspired by quirks of Western Americana. Influence was drawn from rugged desert and Hawaiian prints, canvas jackets, denim, cowboy hats and boots.

Styled as Californian cowboy-workmen, the models epitomised a too-cool-for-school disposition while casually conversing with each against a graphic wall adorned with a neon sign reading ‘We Meet By Accident’.

As witnessed in the Topman show, the rock-cowboy look for SS’14 offers an eclectic option for those bold enough to saddle-up and take it for a ride. Revival of the Americana theme may be a hopeful prediction for the continued recovery of the global economy: the Spring season brings forth a new outlook on the recent conservative labours of hard work and is rewarded by an amusingly liberal sentiment in relaxed fashion.

The design team incorporated simple staples of the season by including bomber, Harrington and short mac jackets. The prep spirit of previous collections trickled down through other pieces. Shades of pink speckled the landscape in the form of trousers, jackets and jumpers, while statement go-to-hell trousers (in plaid, stripes and a brusque blue-white print) offered faithful Hentsch preps the opportunity to source potential inspiration.

Review written by Cody James (@roguing_vogue) for Katie Chutzpah blog
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