Less Death & More Shoes on the Nile with Christian Louboutin’s A/W’13 Windows

by Katie on June 27, 2013

Part of M. Louboutin’s charm and savvy wherewithal re integrated and synergistic global marketing is to ensure that at every point his (potential) customer interacts with the label, be it digital or physical, it always relays the latest design theme and gives the customer meaning and context. 

This coming season it’s a trip down the Nile. Less chance of Agatha Christie-like ‘Death on the Nile’ and more chance of overdosing on incredible sky-high Loubies. With the backdrop of Ancient Egypt, seething with Cleopatra’s sensuality and mystery, Louboutin’s latest window designs take their inspiration from the history of a country & a civilization that has held a long-term fascination for the maestro. 

The designs are full of signature Louboutin whimsy, custom banners printed on real papyrus and secured with Hessian ropes, and a sphinx, specially commissioned for the Saks 5th Avenue windows modeled with Christian’s features. 

The window concept has been rolled out globally, and the design has been reworked for www.christianlouboutin.com, where products fall from the skies onto Egyptian columns and can be instantly shopped. A full gallery exploring the windows from all boutiques is available to fans of the brand’s Facebook page.

Photography by www.windowwear.com

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