Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend by Chanel

by Katie on July 20, 2013


It’s always a good day when the postman arrives with a large parcel and out tumbles a Chanel carrier filled with goodies. This week’s delivery included Chanel’s new skincare system which is simply and accurately named, ‘Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend’.

It’s a pretty simple 3 step concept  to understand, based around the skin’s natural rhythm and innovative of Chanel to include a Weekend specific treatment cream. This is the ‘downtime’ skincare element that renews and treats the skin while it relaxes and recovers from its week-day trials of the often erratic pace of city, office, transport, pollution, stress.

LE-JOUR_-LA-NUIT_-_2619802aChanel’s three colour coded bottles (white for day, black for night and opalescent for weekend) make this a cinch skincare regime to keep to. Each of the products is based on a duo of time-setting active natural ingredients which include jasmine, frankincense or rose, so each smells dreamy as well as feeling rich and beneficial to the skin on application.

Over the last few days, I’ve been using each and must admit there is a difference in texture and feel between the three. Le Jour’s thick, clear, Jasmine scented extract also includes salicylic acid which gently and gradually exfoliates skin, guaranteeing a radiant glowing complexion on application. Le Jour ‘switches on’ skin to the day ahead, encourages autophagy (the process of adaptation and renewal of skin cells).

La Nuit’s rich white cream helps skin which soothes, shields and pampers helps skin regenerate and resynchronise in the hours when skin is most active (between 11pm-4am). La Nuit contains soothing Frankincense extract that helps aid cellular repair and also hyaluronic acid that encourages plump, healthy skin.

ultranova_leweekend_blancIt’s the third ‘Le Weekend’ step that most impressed, with its super rich, hydrating, velvety texture that immediately made a difference, like giving skin a tonic. As it’s so rich (and bearing in mind the price, £72), I only used a small pea-sized amount that covered the whole rich. It seems like such a simple idea – to concentrate on skin’s ‘downtime’, why didn’t anyone think of it before? This extract is a serum and cream in one hit, and skin feels immediately more hydrated and plump while smelling glorious. Rose de Mai water is rich in comforting benefits while the ulta-gentle complex that contains glycolic acid helps skin rid itself of dead skin cells and impurities while also hydrating. If you’re going to invest in skincare, make sure this is on your list of must-have’s.

Le Jour (£60), La Nuit (£60) and Le Weekend (£72) are available from Chanel counters nationwide from 19th July 2013. A coffret, 3 x 50ml products is also available priced £172.

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