Juliette Has A Gun releases Limited Edition ‘Oil Fiction’

by Katie on July 19, 2013

oilfictionIt’s very different in style and context from all his other works for the feted fragrance house Juliette Has A Gun but Romano Ricci has hit a goldmine with his latest release, Oil Fiction.

Firstly, Mr Ricci is astute enough to see the value in Limited Editions. Use fine raw materials on a concept and proposition close to your heart and issue said release with a suitably expensive price tag due to its exclusive nature (£250 for 75ml). Then release to selected high profile and niche retailers globally from Bloomingdales and Printemps to Harrods. Oh, and when we say limited distribution, this is very limited – only 999 samples will be on sale.

I may sound trite but its clever marketing. But, importantly, this wouldn’t work if the fragrance wasn’t supremely and utterly gorgeously addictive on first reveal. And Oil Fiction is a beauty – the Karlie Kloss of perfumes. All stunning modernist of-the-moment sweetness with a fine hauteur edge, striding through Summer’s new releases in an Amazonian catwalk sway. Oil Fiction stuns on impact.

Juliette has a gun parfum 77186-V2Oil Fiction glides onto the skin in a silky smooth manner. This oriental chypre is not unlike applying rich, golden hewed suntan oil that is heavenly scented and seductive. The first hit is bittersweet, but saying that, immediately catapults the wearer to the Mediterranean with its essence of Calabria bergamot note that speaks of dry heat, sea spray and dusty orange and lemon groves, the air thick with laid back lifestyle and the distant buzzing of Vespas.

This quickly follows through to the richness that Mr Ricci has so wonderfully captured. An absolu amber blends like golden nectar with an iris absolu and the over heady sumptuousness of ylang ylang. The finest and expensive essence of patchouli gives a glamorous, late 1970s bohemian edge and blends in tune with the stickiness of thick, raw Labdanum. This is a re-imagined 21st century rendition of the glory days of the glam pack at New York’s ‘Studio 54’.

Juliette has a gun parfum 77019-V2If Oil Fiction’s heart notes have you in a tither with their bowl-you-over charisma, then the base notes of natural Madagascar vanilla absolu combined with the glory of sandalwood and papyrus oil brings a heady, sweet joy that rounds this glorious perfume. This acts like a couture Giambattista Valli dress that finishes the look of this voluptuous catwalk beauty of a fragrance.

Oil Fiction is without doubt a ‘notice me’ perfume for all the right reasons.

Oil Fiction Limited Edition by Juliette Has A Gun is currently exclusively available from Harrods, London priced at £250 for 75ml.

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