The New Sheridan Club Breaks for the Border

by Katie on July 21, 2013


Following swiftly on from last week’s Chap Olympiad, The New Sheridan Club’s annual Summer Party is always the hotly anticipated event on the London vintage calendar.




The New Sheridan Club was formed as an enclave of safety (some would say debauchery) for the ladies and gents of The Chap persuasion as somewhere to meet throughout the year, as well as parade their finery.  The club’s Summer party is always themed and this time it was ‘Break for the Border’. Members and their friends were urged to imagine they had to flee the country to avoid bad debts, an arrest warrant or a paternity suit, when planning their look for the night. This meant that roaming around Adam Street Club were various Frida Kahlos with monobrows, gunslingers with ponchos and ammunition belts, lots of classy ladies with flowers in their hair who had flown South for a taste of Mexican danger, a Zorro and his peasant muse, a real live Padre, various Day of the Dead and a couple of dodgy looking drug runners with slicked back hair and a louche attitude.




The free shots of Olmeca Altos tequila got the party started. This was no slam and down tequila but rather a sip and appreciate sort. Being the New Sheridan Club, it didn’t stop sorts trying. Sobriety isn’t an option for club members (unless there’s written dispensation). 1930s and 1940s themed tequila cocktails, a mariachi band and lots of fake guns being fired added to the night’s theme before games began including a William Burroughs inspired,  ‘Shoot the champagne glass from Joan Vollmer’s Head’ (where the winner didn’t actually kill Joan) and a fearsome piñata bashing took place.

newsherdianclub 022



The grand raffle included prizes of Mexican-related books and DVDs, Day of the Dead-themed items, Mexican games and foodstuffs, an agave plant and a louche libre wrestling mask which some lucky lady won.  As the pictures show, the compañeros and damas had a grand ol’ time down Mexico way.

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