Boucheron Pour Femme – 25th Anniversary Edition

by Katie on August 10, 2013

Boucheron PackshotIn general, perfumes that represent a highly priced luxury item such as glassware, diamonds or even fountain pens tend to be hit or miss. Hit or miss in that the brand name is often so associated with the article it sells (unlike the fantasy that is imbued around a couture house) that its difficult to discern or imagine how the name can be associated with fragrance and sensuality, which is surely the basis of all perfumery. A woman wears a perfume to relay her character and style as well as attract comments from (possible suitors or) admirers. It’s often how she is remembered, after all. Her stamp on the world albeit it a little one.

Though I’m well acquainted with the Boucheron name but less so the perfumes and even lesser (unfortunately) the glittering diamonds, trying out Boucheron’s first perfume release, updated in packaging only for its 25th Anniversary, was an eye-opener. This is a big ‘80s classic fragrance that displays its old-style wealth in its creamy white ceramic bottle topped by golden gadroons and an onyx-coloured cabochon. This perfume means business.

Boucheron Pour Femme is classic through and through. A perfume that’s embedded with well-heeled maturity and femininity. It’s quite a big statement perfume behind a veil of printed silk. It’s heavy, floral, big and white. A short sharp hit of mandarin is closely followed by the largesse of a green tinged, fresh bud, orange blossom that then throws up her slender arms beneath padded shoulders and reveals her floral clad body. Yland ylang, jasmine and tuberose collide for a powerful powdered floral oriental hit of elegance. Boucheron Femme’s personality is wide-open and appealing like Joan Collins, dripping in figure-hugging diamonds. There’s a giant charisma for sure but not brashy or fake, just full-on fabulous that practically has you yelling, ‘You Go Girl!’ on application. The amber, vanilla and sandalwood base ensure that Boucheron Femme’s soft, velvet-clad derriere is sleek and plush and prime for admiring comments.

Boucheron Femme’s ‘80s appeal may just win over a few more admirers and so it should. It just needs to lighten up a little.

Boucheron Pour Femme Limited Edition 100ml is available from 30th September 2013. Boucheron Pour Femme Limited Edition 100ml EdP is priced £80.00

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