Guerlain’s ‘La Petite Robe Noir’ Mon Eau de Lingerie

by Katie on September 10, 2013


Now, if this isn’t indulgent and whimsical but utterly desirable then I don’t know what is?  It’s one of those, I-didn’t-know-I-needed-it-till-I-knew-it-existed products that makes a perfect girlie gift for someone.

I have my quibbles about Guerlain’s latest hit perfume ‘La Petite Robe Noir’ simply because it has a strong Gourmand black cherries and vanilla scent, and, no matter how much I worship at the feet of Guerlain, I don’t do Gourmand, even if Guerlain’ised. Save it for those who sway towards overtly sweet, sickly and simplistic fragrances. ie. mostly a youth audience. Saying that, Guerlain’s Chief Perfumer Thierry Wasser has been savvy and clever enough to realise that the scent can be translated into other mediums with an even wider appeal – cue ‘Mon Eau de Lingerie’.

What is it?

‘Mon Eau de Lingerie’ is a scented spray mist specifically to perfume lingerie and your special ‘little black dress’ or other.

How do you us it?

It’s all about endowing your most precious clothing with the hint of fragrance and gives a whole other context to ‘fragrance layering’. Spray in your lingerie drawer or on your latest splurges from Myla, Damaris or Agent Provocateur and you’re good to go. Branch out and add a spritz to ironing water or give that party dress you’ve laid out ready to wear a quick spray. Incredibly light, the fragrance vaporises with the utmost subtlety, leaving no marks on black or fine coloured fabrics. The fragrance is delicate and feminine enough to be worn in this way, by any age.

What are its benefits?

It’s just a lovely thing. Gives an extra layer of ‘special treat’ for a woman. I’ve spoken about the sweetness of the scent and how it’s not my favourite accord but when used in this way, it works exceedingly well. In fact, I think M Wasser has hit on a goldmine. Please can we have a Shalimar version? The bottle is pretty, too.  Illustrated by the artists (Kuntzel & Deygas) who drew all the illustrations for the launch of ‘La Petite Robe Noir’.

How much does it cost?

It costs £26 (100ml) and is available exclusively at Debenhams from 1st September 2013. But be quick. It is a limited edition.

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