J JS Lee Takes Us to the Aquarium for S/S’14

by Katie on September 18, 2013


A fresh take on minimalism sauntered down the catwalk at the J JS Lee show. Initial inspiration for the collection was derived from observations around the intricacies of jellyfish at the London Aquarium. Lee translated her aquatic bemusement into a collection straddling the borders between translucency, movement and implied structure.


Cap sleeves and umbrella-shaped crop tops provided formal structure, while use of circular laser-cut appliques and treated fabric added a floating dimension. Matt textures were juxtaposed with waxed pattern to form a harmony between solid and weightless locomotion. Further elements of flutter were injected through soft tones of bright colour (bubble gum pink and turquoise) with navy, black and white.


Lengths of skirts and dresses inched slightly above the knee and incorporated contrasting panels of PVC with lightweight cotton and rayon. A relaxed edge of modern sophistication was achieved in cropped pencil trousers paired among oversized jackets and grid-embossed knits with shear décolleté.


Most intriguing among the diversity of looks in Lee’s aquarium were a peculiar species of dresses sculpted at the side to render the illusion of frontal silhouette while appearing shift in back – a mere trompe l’oeil to the observant eye. Such feat of tailoring even appeared in the form of a panelled white, navy and pink PVC option with a matching long-lapelled Mac. Predictably trending for SS14: Tablecloth Chic.

Review written by Cody James (@roguing_vogue) for Katie Chutzpah blog.

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