Julien MacDonald’s Planet Glitter Glamazons for S/S’14

by Katie on September 18, 2013


There’s something deeply appealing and unpretentious about Julien Macdonald despite all the showy, glitzy ‘look at me-ness’ of it all. Julien’s a good humoured chap. You only have to see his infectious personality on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ to see that. What other designer so feted for his dazzling, swooping, oft Swarovski crystalled gowns would poke fun at themselves and simply have a bit of a laugh by taking to the dance floor where it could all go horribly wrong? Julien doesn’t care as he doesn’t take himself that seriously. Thank God. And his S/S’14 show took glamazon space aliens from another planet as it’s theme. By the looks of things it was Planet Body Glitter. It was smothered everywhere.


The only thing that marred a sleek show were models tripping over their beautifully embellished, flowing gowns.  Those girls need a lesson in how to sashay or they should learn how to lift those hems. Dress after encrusted dress of silver and gold lace, crochet knit and silk appeared, oft with detailing that you had to peer at beyond the body glitter. Shimmering gown after gown covered in crystals, figure-hugging,  floor-length sheaths covered in large, square, silver paillettes appeared to deep slashed crystal catsuits and Barbarella style bodysuits.


Julien never veered from being ‘Strictly Julien MacD’ but actually managed to bring a veneer of elegance with his embroidered, slit-to-thigh, nude silks. Unlike Tom Ford who showed remarkably similar disco, glitterball catsuits, there was an honesty to this collection.


Julien wasn’t clamouring for attention – no more than usual. This was a designer who knows his m.o and sticks to it with humour.  Perhaps the only thing that will really divide will be the calibre of celeb who will who flock to wear either designer. Mr Ford should learn to lighten up like Mr Mac. His party glam looks like a lot more fun. Tripping on hemlines aside.

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