Scottish + Fashion + Icon at The 8th Scottish Fashion Awards

by Katie on September 9, 2013


To tell you the truth, I’m shunned and amazed that I’m not on the list. What list am I talking of? Why the Scottish Fashion Awards ‘Scottish Fashion Icon’ category. You may scoff but with with such fashion icons (?) as Andy Murray, Amy McDonald, Calvin Harris, James MacAvoy and Emeli Sande as some of the names on the list, it looks like I could have been in with a shout and with more credible clout. Hell, I even have those PRs on speed-dial for red-carpet occasions.

I’m not disputing the Scottish Icon part of even the relevance on a global stage but really, Fashion? Icon? Gerard Butler and Thom Evans are eye-candy for sure and the former is bona fide Hollywood scene. But, apart from that ‘bromance’ shot of him and Bradley Cooper in matching dapper blue suits at the Andy Murray Wimbledon final, I don’t think he’s particularly feted as being ‘dans le vent’ in quite the same vein as Tom Ford.


Nina Nesbitt is undoubtedly a hip young musician  and Louise Linton is beautiful but not yet tip-of-the-tongue, red carpet fodder. In fact, I may be sticking my neck out here but there’s a lot of talented, young and beautiful people on the list but not known for their show-stopping, all-over-the-fashion-media prowess (apart from Julianne Moore whose Scottishness is  shoe-horned in via her mother. And the fact she’s just taken up British citizenship). I think I’m allowed to say that being fashion and (social) media and Scottish.

I get that these 8th Scottish Fashion Awards are a big thing for our very small nation that punches well above its weight in fashion terms and countless others. I’m aware that the event has now moved to London’s Grosvenor House and must make a splash as well as get celebrity bums on seats for the good of the country and to pull in the press. I’m willing to go along, write it up and promote my birthplace to the nth but I also have to understand the reasoning behind the award. Wouldn’t it be better to say ‘Scottish Icon’ by the Scottish Fashion Awards?  Just a thought.


Says Tessa Hartman, founder & producer of the event, “We love this category as it’s designed as a bit of fun to get the public involved. The rest of the judging is a very serious business and is carried out by our esteemed panel but with this category everyone can get involved and vote for their favourite and most stylish fashion icon.”

This year’s award take place at Dover House on 9th October and will be hosted by MTV’s Laura Whitmore (Fashion, tick. Irish, untick).  The finalists will be judged by an exclusive panel made up of professionals from the world’s leading fashion houses, the most renowned and respected fashion publications and leading figures in style including Stella Tennant, Rankin, Vogue’s Dolly Jones, Colin McDowell, Sara Maino and Hilary Alexander to name but a few.

Celebrating the best of what Scotland has to offer in fashion, design and textiles there are 14 categories that will be unveiled on the night. You can vote for the Scottish Fashion Icon* (*my fingers hurt just typing the words) HERE. My vote is to change the title of the award as it’s not doing a serious awards event any favours.  Over to you.

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