Guerlain’s Liu– A Ravishing Beauty from Another Age

by Katie on October 11, 2013


If anyone has the wherewithal to heritage fragrance and ‘exclusive’ collections that are currently very much en vogue and, for the most part, worthy of their exclusive title (step forward Dior Privee and Chanel Exclusifs), then Guerlain, with a heritage as rich as La Belle Epoque, can surely delve into its catalogue that dates back to 1828. Yes, that far back.

Guerlain’s Les Parisiennes is comprised of exclusive re-editions of fragrances that belong to Guerlain’s heritage, often re-issued (on request from their fans, and) as close to the original (as new IFRA regulations will allow) that allows fragrance lovers the chance to own an out of the ordinary, often long-forgotten  ‘classic’. In fact, Guerlain’s Les Parisiennes Collection is like trawling through museum worthy classics that hint of another, grander age and of altogether more exclusive, more heady times where perfume truly was a luxury indulgence, pre-mass marketing. They breathe good taste not only with their contents but with their subtle bee-embossed glass flacons.

One of the latest perfumery treasures to be re-issued is Liu. A graceful beauty of a fragrance that showers the wearer with imbued elegance as soon as it is sprayed. Uplifting, gloriously feminine and sharp yet with a honeyed vanilla dry-down, this wearable work of art was originally issued in 1929 and inspired by Puccini’s Turandot heroine.

Like Guerlain’s classically wonderful L’Heure Bleue which introduced aldehydes into fragrance composition for the first time, Jacques Guerlain, ahead of his time, used synthetic molecules again in Liu’s composition which gives it an instant heady sparkle and polish. This fragrance bursts into song like a diva with the sweetest, most melodic aria. Climbing the scales, she lifts with her sparkling aldehydes, rounds her tone with the massive bursts of jasmine and rose and dives down to the depths with the beautiful, soft, dry vanilla, unmistakeable husky iris and gutsy woody notes that add depth.

Liu contains the contrasts and intrigue that only good perfumes deliver. An instantaneous, joyous fresh lift with bursts of sparkle and wallops of floral deliciousness before transforming into something a little more comfortable – a soft, dry, sweet and powdery, silky textured, intriguing satin cloak that still shows the great curves and body underneath.

Let Liu be on your perfume discovery list or Christmas Wish List

Liu is available as 125ml EDP (£168) exclusively from Harrods from 2nd November 2013.

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