Introducing Noble Isle

by Katie on October 28, 2013


As Britain gets  a battering from storm St Jude, this noble isle of ours has certainly been through the mill – economic recession, longest coldest Winter, wettest Summer (last year) and now storms. It’s a wonder we’re still clinging to our dry British humour.

One little business inspired by the variety of the UK is Noble Isle. The name is taken from a quote of  James III of Scotland (*silent pride*) while negotiating the marriage of his son to Cecily of England in 1474 – ‘This Nobill Isle, callit Gret Britanee’. Taking inspiration from all corners of Britain, from moorlands and old English orchards to Highland distilleries and windswept coastal cliffs, Noble Isle’s bath and body products use fine fragrance elements and natural extracts combined with the best of British design to create something quite distinct. There are 27 unisex bath, body and home fragrance products ranging from Rhubarb! Rhubarb! (inspired by the Yorkshire triangle), Whisky & Water (Dufftown distilleries), Heather Honey (inspired by Perthshire bees), Fireside (with the Mynwy Valley in mind) to Perry Pear (with the feel of Gloucestershire Orchards).


The lotions and washes feature extracts sourced from some of the UK’s most celebrated local producers, including Rhubarb from England, Sea Oak from Ireland, Malted Barley from Scotland and Beets from Wales. The scents are as evocative as the names. Whisky & water smells exactly like aged whisky on ice as it slowly melts while Summer Rising brims full of the bursting floral buds with a hint of greenness found in Cornish Hedgerows. Perry Pear is a subtle, juicy rendition that is neither sickly nor overpowering but just right.

Bob Berry Noble Isle Pics 326

It’s worth taking a virtual tour of Britain while experiencing Noble Isle’s variety of products at Liberty or Fortnum & Mason. Or, simply click onto the Noble Isle homepage to find out more about this enterprising little newbie.

Noble Isle Hand Washes  (£18), Hand Lotions (£20), Bath & shower gels (£20), Candles (£39), Shampoos (£18), Conditioners (£18) and 3 x Gift Box Trios of 3 x 75ml bottles (£19.50)

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