Odd Fashion Pairings – Cara & La Perla vs Jeremy & Moschino

by Katie on October 29, 2013


We’re not yet out of October and already there’s rumblings of some strange fashion pairings and alignments in ye worlde of fashion. They normally rear their head with the multitudinous limited edition, special Christmas brand-links or pairings but twitter is all a storm (after the storm) with the news that American designer, best known for his wacky take on sportswear, Jeremy Scott, is taking over the reigns as creative director at Moschino. Bye bye, its ex-leader since Franco passed away, Rossella Jardini.


Now, there are pros and cons to this announcement. Yes, Moschino has ‘mucho’ catching up to do in terms of relevance to today’s fashion audience and yes, like Versace’s Versus, Burberry et al which have all re-invented themselves, the label needs a re-brand. Or rather, a re-direction if it’s going to survive beyond its Franco Moschino legacy. Yes, Jeremy Scott may seem younger, energetic, more relevant, and more importantly, have the  necessary Moschino brand of humour which won’t be dulled down, but is more likely to be ramped up – tenfold. But Jeremy Scott’s not the biggest name nor the biggest draw that the label could have pinned its tail on the donkey to. In fact, his appointment may well ostracise the label to its loyal customers while re-directing the brand on a new ‘yoot’ course. Hey, you win some, you lose some. I should mention, here, that Scott started his career as an intern at Moschino but his brand of West Coast, Californian The Flintstones meets The B52s sportswear street-style (shown above) may not transfer to Milanese catwalks easily. It’s all a tad strange.


And then we have girl-of-the-moment, Cara Delavigne. The Brit model who’s synonymous with Burberry and who seems dead cert on taking over the mantle as the catwalk’s infamous party It-girl from Kate Moss. After appearing in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012, it seems Cara D has quit trying to compete with the more typical, busty, catwalk beauties that VS employs and has jumped ship to La Perla*. Classier and with more hi-brow, exclusive appeal, certainly, but a strange pairing nevertheless.

La Perla’s the ultimate in sophistication in lingerie lines and appeals much more to the woman-in-the-know purchasing for herself than merely an other half purchaser hoping to get-lucky. Is that why Cara was selected? More editorial certainly…stylish, hi-fashion and appealing to women rather than men? Probably. (NB. The Cara effect is similar to that of SJP re women). Whatever the reasoning, La Perla’s stock will rise in terms of relevance. But Cara selling uber-sexy? That’s another matter entirely.

* La Perla image sourced from internet and shot by Mert & Marcus

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