Introducing Lab Sonic – Clarisonic’s Newest Rival

by Katie on December 10, 2013


I’ve heard all the hoo-haa about Clarisonic and how its’ converts (much like iPhone users) won’t be parted from their product, however, time/money/inclination has meant that I haven’t yet tried the wonder implement.

Step forward a rival to the Clarisonic classic Mia, Mia 2 and Plus – the Lab Sonic. And it’s newly released in Boots with an introductory third off the retail price of £65 (significantly less than Clarisonic).

The problem with ‘copies’ for want of a better word is do they deliver on their promise? Well, I can’t compare with Clarisonic but can state that this is a little wonder brush, with a smooth buzzing action and a real feeling of deep cleansing.

My main concerns (with any such implement) were that it would be too harsh on my skin (dry, ageing but still prone to the odd spot – hey, that’s life, huh?). I had nothing to be afraid of. Anyone who’s used an electric toothbrush can grasp that the pressure and control lies with the user. Pressing more firmly on problem areas to ensure deep cleansing and lighter on cheeks and eyelid areas. Using small circular motions from forehead down my face I used my favourite Vaishaly cleansing balm which ensured that any changes were due to the implement rather than a change in product use. Skin feels fresher and brighter.

What I particularly liked was the feeling of a deeper cleanse. The sonic frequency generates 300 movements per second working with the skin’s structure for a gentle yet more effective cleanse. What I didn’t know what that the item also comes with four interchangeable heads – a dermabrasion brush, a cleansing brush a winkle eraser and a hydration applicator. The latter I particularly enjoyed to help increase the absorption of moisturiser to my newly cleansed face.

Sadly, I’m only at the tentative stage with the wrinkle eraser – applying my Estee Lauder night serum and eye cream, again using the implement with circular motions, to help absorption and work on those fine lines.

As a newbie to this tool, I soon found it slotted into my usual cleansing and facial routine. It’s a great punt for Christmas if short on ideas to give or request.

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