Spring’s Here – Chanel’s Latest Perfume, Bath & Body Releases

by Katie on March 9, 2014


It’s the first sunny weekend of 2014. March has smiled on us with the delights of sunshine. Enough, even, for open windows and smiles in the Capital, with the hope of better, even more sunshiny days to follow.

Chanel has caused us to smile too. With two new important launches in the offing; the first is the release of ‘Les Extraits’ in concentrated perfume form of some of the favourite ‘Les Exclusifs de Chanel’, a premium range that I can only say good things about due to it’s depth, breadth and distinction. The second is the the launch of one of Chanel’s modern favourite’s, Coco Mademoiselle’s ancillary range, including scented foam bath (with a 400ml whopper bottle) and body exfoliant (150g) to ensure those in love with C.M (or Coco Mademoiselle) will envelop themselves in velvety lushness.


I’ve written a great deal about Les Exclusifs in the past and how it pays to seek them out at certain exclusive Chanel counters and in the Chanel stores. Everyone should opt for an Exclusif favourite or two, so it’s with great interest that a selection of these premier perfumes are being transformed into a Parfum by the great Chanel perfumer, Jacques Polge. It’s not simply a case of removing alcohol to achieve pure perfume, but a painstaking search to replicate the scent in perfume format. The three perfumes chosen to be transformed are 1932, Jersey and Beige. With 1932, Polge has soften and rounded its phenomenal dazzling jewel-like, sparkling beauty. The Jasmine imbued with Iris and Vetiver seems warmer, richer and more extravagant with it’s dry hint of buttery, creamy iris. This is a big gemstone with a big heart. With Beige, Polge ramps up the Hawthorn which plays with exotic Jasmine and May Rose Absolute for powdery, dusty spots of gorgeousness. Jersey’s the Exclusif that can divide the best perfume aficionados. Some just don’t seem to get the subtlety and dryness of the original husky, warm, dry lavender that was tempered with vanilla, tonka bean and musk. With the perfume, Polge has enriched Jersey with exotic Jasmine Absolute and May Rose Absolute as well as lifting the musk and vanilla. The result is even richer and smoother with a hazy, cashmere-like quality.

Coco Mademoiselle Bath Foam 2014

Coco Mademoiselle’s growth in popularity since its release in 2001 can be attributed to savvy marketing and advertising as much as it can to its great quality. An off-beat Coco, a flirty Coco, an in-control despite-her-youth-Coco, Coco Mademoiselle’s appeal is it’s a great leveller. It can appeal as much to the young Miss and it can to an older, been-there-done-that woman who’s still young at heart. And sophisticated. Coco Mademoiselle  is always sophisticated despite her first hit of sparkling zestiness that leads to the floral heart. The huge bottle of scented foam bath is bound to delight the avid users of Coco Mademoiselle with it’s delicate pinky orange shade, a testament to the colour of the eau de parfum. Layer on the gentle, creamy body exfoliant to increase the depth of Coco Mademoiselle, with its exfoliating micro beads in its dense cream, that transforms to a lotion on damp skin. Luscious. Double up, baby, and even add Coco Mademoiselle’s existing body lotion or body cream. Smooth as silk and doubly as comforting.

Coco Mademoiselle Scented Foam Bath (400ml) is £75 and Gentle Body Exfoliant (150g) is £55 (Limited Edition), both available from Chanel counters from 21st March 2014

Les Exclusifs de Chanel Extraits (Beige, Jersey and 1932) are priced £155 each (15ml) and available from Chanel Covent Garden, Chanel Boutiques, House of Fraser (Glasgow), Fenwicks (Newcastle), Selfridges (Manchester & London) from 7th March 2014

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