#Canthelpmyselfie–Great Concept, Shame About the Execution

by Katie on April 19, 2014


Last week at French Connection’s flagship store on London’s Regent Street, French Connection took a step further to connect to their audience via social media communications by launching the UK’s first interactive ‘selfie’ booth in connection with digital agency, Somewhat.



#canthelpmyselfie played on the need for the nation’s ‘yoot’ to be constantly snapping themselves and their outfits to show the world their ego creativity. Vanity thy name is today’s reality TV obsessed younger generation.


Selfies taken on the evening were then projected on rotation in the large scale Regent Street store windows. The writer noted, however, that only the pre perfect and pre-arranged were selected to partake. Shame. It would have been more fun if, like most brands, it had been a less controlled free-for-all instead of a marketed model/celebrity image, French Connection endorsed perfect photo opportunity.


Perhaps it will be less contrived (sorry guys, but it certainly appeared that way at the launch evening!) when this innovative and great idea that picks up on the urge for fame, is rolled out into another four French Connection stores. But maybe it will just be the pre approved ‘fans of the brand’ already photographed wearing French Connection’s Spring/Summer ‘14 range. Saying that, the range is impressive from the floaty floor length skirts to the soft & loose sweatshirts. Just don’t claim to be totally social media friendly if the friendliness doesn’t widen to anyone remotely less than perfect Joe Public being able to partake in the fun and freely. Customers instead have to take part in an online battle against the fans to see who can take the best selfie.


At the event, Tia Maria cocktails were swigged by celebrities such as Leah Weller, Made in Chelsea’s Fran, Rosie, Binky, Louise and Proudlock, Rankin, Jack Guinness, Diana Vickers and pop bands, Neon Jungle and One Night Only.

Still, I did get to ask Proudlock to show me his wolf (naughty) and to grab lovely Louise, Binky and Fran from Made in Chelsea for a chat and a snap.

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