Dick Winters – Chapist Underparts with Panache

by Katie on June 9, 2014

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It’s rare indeedy when a tongue-firmly-in-cheek but with its eye on the ball brand comes along, especially when that brand is British based and with quintessential quirks.

Step forward Dick Winters, a brand that’s only been launched since December 2013 and is already making waves as part of ‘House of Fraser Presents’ which launched to highlight and support new brands.

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Less obviously aching to be cool than Ted Baker and with wider, hipper gift as well as personal appeal, Dick Winters’ looks the part and, with its play on words isn’t backwards in coming forwards either. (Hey, the puns just keep coming and coming…). No, it isn’t a male version of Ann Summers either as the duo who set up the brand, Glasgow based Claire Henderson & Emma Neilson, are switched-on, take a risk types with marketing and business flair as well as heaps of personal style, and who see the brand as growing globally, thus the highlight on British dandy ‘Chap’ism and charisma.

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Say Emma & Claire, “We aim to create a strong British brand that champions local, quality manufacturing. A brand that men will be proud to wear – the pants of principle! And with a humorous flair. A brand that we can export worldwide.

House of Fraser has played a significant part in the success we have received to date and their efforts to champion local home grown brands is commendable.”

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Currently, the brand are in store to do their 2nd stint in Glasgow’s House of Fraser where they are gearing up for a Father’s Day influx (on the menswear 2nd floor) and up until 15th June.

To celebrate Father’s Day and to raise a smile, sons and daughters and new fans of Dick, can stock up on a gift with a difference. Choose from the cheeky product range for all types of Dad that includes Old Dicks, Rock Dicks, Sporty Dicks, Clever Dicks and Lucky Dicks.

Cut from innovative luxuriously smooth British micro fibre, Dick Winters underwear hopes to raise the bar by combining comfort, breathability and shape retention for at least 6 years. But, hopefully, dads and fans will change their underwear more often as they’re a classy bunch really underneath all those puns.

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