Schiap Goes for Shock

by Katie on July 21, 2014


Zanini sure knows how to get the shock value going on at Schiap. And I’m not sure where he’s going with this ‘cept down, a very bold, very statement’y’ alley.


Modern day Schaipareli woman wouldn’t get mugged sans attention with all ‘that’ going on. ‘That’ being padded mink sleeves on ocelot fur, a huge ‘ES’ embroidered on a heavy shouldered, really quite fabulous, swishy salmon pink coat (the London Eve Standard must be loving it) and vast, enorm-core, bow blouses – LOVE!). It appears, Ms Schiap couture likes the bold just as much as her latter day Madame Lacroix.


Butterfly embroidered full length velvet shifts swooshed gracefully as did the squirrel print bias worn under a monkey hair fur. (Told you he was going for it!). But Zanini played a blinder with the pure black and white balloon panted tuxedo suit and the trompe d’oeil works on show.


Some may chastise it for being too try-hard Elsa. But subtlety was never the byword at Schiap and Zanini has spotted that humungous gap in the (couture) market when today’s byword for hip or on-trend is ‘Normcore’. Says it all, really. ES would be shaking it by the matchy beige and block heels. Somehow I think she’d approve of Zanini even if it is a bit, ‘look at me I’m Schiap, I’m daring. If I were to plead anything of Marco Zanini, it would be less gusto gung-ho’ness and more considered thought, please.

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