Ormonde Jayne’s Black Gold. 50 Shades of Sandalwood Suaveness

by Katie on February 13, 2015


It says something that in the last 9 months or so of moving city & country, illness, bereavement, heart-break and stress factor on high while confidence on low, that I’ve kinda’ missed a few things. Namely, perfume releases and launches that would have me salivating and on tenterhooks. These have whizzed by and I’ve fallen off perfume lists as well as the blog horse. It’s time for this filly to don her cowboy boots again and get back on track.

Ormonde Jayne’s Black Gold (by Linda Pilkington and Geza Schoen) has been sitting on my work desk and waiting patiently for attention….like a perfume version of a subdued and brooding Jamie Dornan that I’ve somehow managed to ignore and been blissfully blind to. Yes, I know. It’s been that bad. (*cues Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ on jukebox*).

ormonde-jayne-black-gold (1)

Ormonde Jayne’s Black Gold hits you where it hurts with its smooth intensity and sheer class. This is no ordinary Sandalwood. This is the James Bond..or rather, the James Dean of finely distilled Santalum album L sandalwood that takes 20kg of wood to make just 1kg of fine sandalwood oil. Finely fractionalised ambrette only serves to rock home this beauty’s attitude. A pure honed ‘Rebel with a Cause’ that pains you with its sweet smile, breathing clouds of orchids, patchouli and oud. Wth its soft, soft undercurrent of vanilla, labdanum, amber, and musk. Like falling onto the most comforting of duck down duvets and smothered with imagined kisses.

Black Gold is complex. Not enough to put you off the chase but enough to tie you in and bind you up. As I said, quite like Mr Dornan as Mr Grey. There’s a kickback of tartness too. No! Not tartiness. Tartness. A hint of bitter Ice Queen resistance underneath all this luxurious warmth as bergamot, mandarin and lemon give just enough of a juicy kick to make it all the more interesting. It is, however, the  finesse of the carnation absolute that is stand out. A biting yet powdery warm, distinctive carnation with a spicy clove kick that takes you to heaven and back. 50 Shades of sublime.

Black Gold’s provocative intricacies know no bounds. This is a long, slow, pleasure giver with a mainstay of 24 hour longevity,  Resistance is futile. Hands down you win, Black Gold.

Ormonde Jayne Black Gold is priced £420 for 120 ml (parfum) and is available from Harrods.

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