Karl’s Chanel Classicism with Some Brilliant Twists. And Even Humour

by Katie on March 10, 2015


This morning Chanel set their AW’15 show in a brasserie replete with models (Kendall and Cara, if you please) not only walking but chatting on barstools and waited upon by male model muses.


It was a return to classicism and to form for the haute brand. Trad low, square-heeled spectator shoes spelled wife rather than mistress while a distinctly monochrome (twin) set played out its theme. Indeed, it wasn’t all an ode to trad values. There were modernist streaks where Karl proved a point that the house can marry both values equally: Puffa jackets over leather leggings with diaphanous chiffon skirts, strict line bejewelled jackets and A-line skirts and padded bubble-pack plaid waistcoats over matching dresses. The latest bag was a Chanel plate while there was a cheeky elegant napkin dress whose skirt was made up of piles of crisp white Chanel napkins – the most exclusive ever. No wiping fingers, here, dears.


Then back to classicism with a twist as a gold edge-to-edge jacket was thrown over  a roll neck check sweater and skirt and heaps of feminine floaty ‘typische’ Gabrielle/Karl black LBD shifts.


This was a prim but wry smile outing that seemed to take Chanel back to its roots – tartan, plaid, black & white shifts, roll neck sweaters, classic pumps. All with enough touches of Karl humour and skill. Classily dressed ladies in French brasseries with endless social media Instagram opportunities as the Chanel vignettes played out – Karl’s additional nod to modernism and social media photo opps. It darn nearly broke the internet.

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