‘Les 3 Étages By Dom Pérignon–Opening May 2015

by Katie on April 15, 2015


Never let it be said that I’m above self parody. It’s a known fact that an event or launch invitation only has to boast a champagne house logo and I’m in there like swimwear. My reputation exceeds me with wry comments from fellow blogger friends like The Chic Geek (@thechickgeekcouk) noting that PRs see if I’ve RSVP’d, then up their drinks budget allocation. Hmm. I smart a little at the truth in this. At least I’m selective. A Ruinart, Laurent Perrier or Moet & Chandon logo will have me in a frot. Ditto the epitome of champagne: Dom Pérignon.

As you can imagine, I’m genuinely rather devastated that I’m now based in hinterlands when a generous invitation to the launch of the Dom Pérignon pop-up town house in central London awaits. This may call for yet another trip back to my beloved city.

This May, for ten days only, Dom Pérignon will open its doors for invited guests to discover the three windows of expression of Dom Pérignon champagne. ‘Les 3 Étages by Dom Pérignon’, a beautiful traditional town house in a secret central London location, will be set over three distinctive floors. Each floor will express the different levels of maturity, the so-called ‘Plénitudes’, of Dom Pérignon, with a series of opulent parties, intimate dinners and extraordinary creative collaborations.


The Dom Pérignon House will create a playful space to celebrate the finest gourmet creations alongside the most exceptional vintages of wine. Represented by Michelin-starred chef Skye Gyngell (pictured above), the founder of Spring Restaurant and former head chef of Petersham Nurseries, ‘Les 3 Étages by Dom Pérignon’ is to offer culinary pleasures paired with the three distinct Vintages. Gyngell has partnered with Dom Pérignon to oversee the restaurant and created a unique menu to complement and enhance the three Plénitudes of champagne:  The paired tasting menu reflects Skye’s signature style and features light Summer dishes, created using fresh, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Mark Harvey, Marketing Manager Dom Pérignon, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Skye Gyngell. She has created dishes, to be specifically paired with the three different plénitudes of Dom Pérignon, which will delight the visitors of Les 3 Étages!”


The name Dom Pérignon carries gravitas and is exclusively ‘Vintage only’. It follows the rhythm of three ‘Plénitudes’. Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy believes that Dom Pérignon matures in cycles. From one Plénitude to the next, with age each Dom Pérignon champagne grows and blossoms – so does the journey in the house, which will take each visitor from the ground floor to the next levels. ‘P1’, the first Plénitude, will be represented by the new 2005 Vintage, which will be launched for the first time in May on the first floor of ‘Les 3 Étages’. The second Plénitude, ‘P2’, chosen for the town house, will be a 1998 Vintage and embodied on the second floor. On the third floor, ‘P3’, the rarest 1982 and 1971 Vintages will be showcased as the final and most mature Plénitude.

As champagne devotees ascend further upwards within the house, the more revelatory their experience will be with tastings, lunches and dinners programed to showcase the quality and creativity of Dom Pérignon. Skye Gyngell’s food creation will be individually paired with each Plénitude on every floor creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

You see what I mean?  How can this girl miss this?

Les 3 Étages by Dom Pérignon will be open from 5th to 14th of May 2015. Tickets are priced at £95 for a morning tasting, £200 for a lunch and £250 for dinner. Register for further information and access at http://uk.domperignon.com/en-GB/les-3-etages/

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