Dior launches Fève Délicieuse to La Collection Privée

by Katie on May 4, 2015


Here’s the heads up. It’s a May Bank Holiday. And a rubbish one at that. Stuck in the wrong end of the UK, it’s an an election week where my country appears to be rammed with delusionistas, set for sailing itself down  a la-la-land river of dreams and making me long for the Left-Right divide of old. Throw in tired and  emotional and you get the drift. It was going to take something really special to lift me up.

Of course, I’d read the press quote from genius perfumer-creator at Dior, Francoise Demachy:  ‘Fève Délicieuse is a luscious composition that celebrates an idea of immediate pleasure. The avid appeal and love of harmony naturally espouse the Dior spirit’. Let’s face it, I’m probably more in need en ce moment re balance and harmony than the nearest perfumista. It was the concentration on tonka bean that had me biting my lip and havering as it’s used aplenty in thousands of run-of-the-mill, over the counter fragrances. Yes, it gives a kick of softness and balance but here was Dior, my go-to fragrance first and my favoured La Collection Privée, basing a whole idea around it. Literally translated as ‘delicious bean’.


Diving in, I liberally sprayed my arm. The kick was instantaneous. How could I have ever doubted Demachy? Here was an instantaneous lift-the-spirits, soft, giddy warmth with the purr of kittens dipped in rose-flaked chocolate coffee.  It’s the ever-so-slight tinge of floral mixed with bitterness that bites. The Turkish Rose Absolute drifts in to the end that seemingly adds the punch, stopping this from being too big, too blousy, too gargantuan gourmand. The South American caramel praline giving elixir that is the tonka bean has been co-joined in a happy union with Madagascan vanilla.  This balmy, knock you off your feet sensation is luscious and addictive. As big and round and comforting as femininity itself.

As a died-in-the wool chypre & oriental girl, it’s quite something to be swayed and cajoled by a gourmand. But this is no ordinary Alice In Wonderland eat-me temptation.  Fève Délicieuse epitomises the sophistication of La Collection Privée in droves but it’s difference is layers and layers of intense rose caramel softness. While it may not quite have ousted (the now only available in limited edition larger size) Mitzah as my favourite ever release from the house, Fève Délicieuse could happily compete for my attention with Oud Ispahan. Now that’s saying something.

La Collection Privée Christian Dior, Fève Délicieuse is available exclusively in Harrods, Selfridges and the Dior Covent Garden Boutique from May 2015. Prices are £165 (125ml) , £240 (220ml) & £350 (450ml).

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