Dolce & Gabbana’s Intenso. More than a little surprising.

by Katie on May 3, 2015


During the EltonGate brouhaha, I felt for those Dolce & Gabbana PRs, I really did. An awesome brand of fashion, fragrance and beauty, as a PR,  I, too, would have felt like getting on the first flight to Milan and confiscating Stefano Gabbana’s phone, PC and tablet while destroying his login details to all social media accounts. Talk about crisis management?

In the wake of which, it’s more than a shame as it’s kinda’ detracting from the great new beauty and fragrance releases from the house name (currently owned by Proctor & Gamble). Like the marvellous and completely surprising latest men’s fragrance, Intenso.

Please suspend all judgement right here and now. Firstly, there’s the name. Hmm. Then, there’s a broodingly good–looking yet ordinary (if fitting for the brand) Colin Farrell. As Domenico Dolce says, “Colin epitomises all aspects of the Intenso man. His physicality is commanding and his eyes have depth and are full of life. As an actor and man, he perfectly represents strength, tenderness and allure, the qualities that we envisioned for the male of our new fragrance.”  Yes, yes. Got it. But what about the actual juice?

DGFF Intenso_Advertising Key Visual_

This is the surprise ‘intenso’. It’s actually extremely fabulous. It has all the weight, power and sensuality of the first great Dolce & Gabbana women’s release (1992) which was as sweet, heady and red velvet alluring as it’s packaging. Silky, floral, sandalwood musky headiness was akin to sin itself. Like breathing in femme fatale. The new male Intenso does this for a new breed of consumerist man, unafraid to wear his sexiness on his sleeve. Or his wrist. This may be overtly aimed at the testosterone clad Boss man market, but make no mistake, Intenso is his own man. And every women I’ve tested this on, falls for it. So let that be a heads up to you chaps.

Intenso starts of with a sharp bitter sweet burst of green aquatic notes with accents of basil, geranium and lavender that grab the attention. It’s the newly discovered ‘moepel accord’ that’s the winner. In olfaction, this is a new direction. Re-created from the flowers and leaves of the Milkwood tree (which grows in South Africa) and using technology, the accord delivers a strength and signature to both the heart and base of the Intenso fragrance, therefore such a substantial impact for such a consumer focussed, populist, release. Floral, balsamic and honey accents keep the interest while the sheer intensity comes from the profound perfect mix of labdanum, sandalwood and cypress.

Intenso is warmth, sweetness, sexiness and superbly filled with potential. Smelling of pheromones and a handsome’s neck at breathing distance, Intenso appears to woo women at first whiff. Surprising indeed. It’s usually the Acqua di Parmas’ and Hermes’ releases of this world that have ‘women win’ writ large all over them.

Instenso’s smooth brown velveteen packaging and manly brown glass bottle will only serve to win the minds of men and the hearts of women.  Now, if only we could do the same with Signor Gabbana.

Dolce&Gabbana Intenso is available exclusively at Debenhams priced £42 (40ml), £52 (75ml) and £68 (125ml)

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