Guerlain’s Ltd Edition Terracotta Le Parfum

by Katie on May 24, 2015


I stumbled upon Guerlain’s Terracotta Le Parfum while cutting through Debenhams beauty hall as a means to get somewhere else faster. (Sorry, Debs). There’s a lesson here. Sometimes you hit upon a great product or fragrance completely by chance and not as some PR person is slavishly selling in new releases. In this case, it’s a pity I didn’t know about it earlier as I’d have had another month of so of sunshine filled joy in a bottle. Of being transported to another time and place. If we haven’t quite had the Spring we’d all longed for, this is a voyage in a bottle to take us there.


Guelain’s Terracotta Le Parfum is striking. A gorgeous light honeyed treacle in a heavy round flacon with a gleaming, luxury sun signal and Guerlain logo to ensure that you know you’re buying limited edition, Summer and top beauty brand. This all looks quality and the fragrance is a beauty to boot, created to celebrate the 30th year of the Terracotta bronze cosmetics line for the brand.


Terracotta Le Parfum is a step into holiday nirvana. A quick trip to the med by smell. It smells of that time in the day where you’ve left the beach or the poolside, have had the siesta and are getting ready for dinner post a couple of Aperol spritzes on the veranda. This is deep, deep holiday mode. All easy relaxed attitude, expensive suntan oil, hot skin kissed by the sun, and beach hair. It’s whole composition smells of hot sand cooling down, warm sea breeze with a hint of lemony bergamot that sends a ripple of joy through the hairs on arms and legs. But it’s the overlaid heady smells of huge tropical based florals like tiare flower and ylang ylang that pack the big holiday punch. Then, comes the sweet vanilla dry down like a lush dessert choice. Terracotta is a deeply attractive fragrance that’s comforting, beautiful and well rounded. There’s nothing overtly pretentious here. Just laid back voluptuousness that aims to please. If anything, the sole disappoint comes with realising that this is a limited edition, while stocks last release. Guerlain perfumer, Thierry Wasser, has hit gold with this creation. This one should stay.

Guerlain’s Terracotta Le Parfum is available from Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Harrods and Selfridges priced £47 (100ml)

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